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Our History

QFC Groceries first opened its doors in 1915 when Jack Smith started a small neighborhood grocery store in his hometown of Seattle, Washington. As the city grew over the next few decades, so did QFC. From that first 1,200 square foot store, we’ve grown to operate over 50 grocery stores across 5 states, while still maintaining our commitment to excellent service and quality products.

Even with our growth, we remain dedicated to supporting local farmers, producers, and artisans. Over 80% of the products we sell still come from within a few hundred miles of our stores, allowing us to provide the freshest ingredients possible. We work directly with over 500 small businesses in our communities to stock our shelves with local goods ranging from produce and meat to specialty items like artisan cheeses, breads, and sweets.


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Welcome to QFC Groceries – Your Neighborhood Grocery Store

Here at QFC groceries, we are dedicated to being your go-to neighborhood grocery store. As a family-owned market that has been serving this community for over 100 years, we have gotten to know many of you on a first name basis. When you shop at our store, you are more than just a customer – you are part of the QFC family.

In this article, I want to provide you with a comprehensive overview of why we believe QFC groceries is the best choice for your grocery needs. We aim to explain what sets us apart from other supermarkets and why loyal customers keep coming back to our store week after week, year after year.

Wide Selection of Fresh, Quality Products

We pride ourselves on providing one of the area’s widest selections of fresh, high-quality groceries at affordable prices. Our produce section is stocked daily with vibrant fruits and vegetables from local farms whenever possible. You’ll find all your favorites like sweet juicy oranges, crisp apples, vine-ripened tomatoes, and more.

Our butchers cut choice meats in-house to ensure delicious and tender cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and more. The seafood department receives daily deliveries straight from the docks so you can count on fresh catches like salmon, halibut, shrimp, crab, lobster tails, and beyond.

The deli features Boar’s Head meats and cheeses for unbeatable sandwiches and party platters. And the bakery tempts with the aromas of freshly baked breads, cakes, cookies, and pies made from scratch.

When it comes to packaged and frozen goods, we carry a plethora of recognizable national brands along with our affordable yet high quality private label Heritage products. Our everyday low prices combined with weekly sales and digital coupons stretch your grocery budget further.

Local and Natural Products

In addition to conventional grocery items, we have one of the largest selections of local, organic, and natural products in town. Support regional food producers by picking up farm-fresh dairy products, eggs, preserves, honey, maple syrup, and more.

Our natural living section contains thousands of options for specialized diets and healthy lifestyles. We have expanded our offerings to meet the needs of today’s diverse communities. You now can easily find gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian/vegan, non-GMO verified, low sodium, low sugar, keto-friendly and other products to match your family’s needs.

Meal Planning Made Easy

Figuring out what to make for dinner shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we created meal planning centers that combine recipes and coordinating ingredients in one spot. All you have to do is decide on a recipe and pick up the items right there rather than racing around the store.

Prepared food options at QFC range from chef-designed ready-to-heat entrées at the Kitchen counter to made-to-order sandwiches, salads, pizza and more. When you want a home-cooked meal but don’t have time to prep and cook, we’ve got you covered.

Unbeatable Prices

As a full-service supermarket, we strive to keep prices low every day instead of relying on sales to drive value. Savings are built right into our Heritage products, which contain the same quality ingredients as name brands for less. We also offer additional value through:

  • Weekly sales flyers with cut-rate prices on customer favorites and seasonal goods
  • Reduced prices on overripe produce and short-dated baked goods
  • Discount racks with dented cans, imperfect produce, discontinued items
  • Loyalty program with exclusive monthly digital coupons and personalized offers
  • Fuel rewards program with big discounts at local gas stations
  • Special bonus buy offers when you purchase multiples

By layering savings opportunities over already low prices, most customers find they save significant amounts on their grocery bills by shopping consistently at QFC versus competitor chains.

Excellent Customer Service

QFC first opened in 1915 when founder Jack Smith bet everything he had on a small produce stand. Since then, we have grown considerably while trying never to lose sight of those humble beginnings focused on genuine customer care.

No matter which location you visit, a friendly face greets you at the door. Staff wear name tags and provide fast, attentive service whether you are picking up a few ingredients for dinner or doing a major restock. Questions about products or meal ideas are welcomed. Let us know if you don’t see something on our shelves too – we are always expanding inventory based on customer requests.

At checkout, cashiers chat while efficiently ringing up orders. Baggers carefully organize groceries with cold/frozen items packed together and delicate produce set securely on top. Carryout service is available upon request.

The customer service counter handles questions, issues resolution, money orders, lottery, propane tank exchange, and more with patience and tact. The loyalty program desk helps enroll new members and explain savings opportunities.

We genuinely appreciate each and every customer that puts their trust in QFC Groceries. Our entire staff understands that success hinges on exceeding your expectations every time you shop. If there is any way we can improve, please let a manager know directly or through our website contact page.

Supporting Our Community

QFC Groceries has grown from a humble standalone fruit market into a beloved chain of supermarkets in this region. Through it all, we have never forgotten the communities that built our business. Supporting neighborhoods through sponsorship, donations, volunteering, and more remains central to our mission.

Youth sports teams benefit from sponsorship of uniforms, equipment and tournaments. We donate gift cards and supplies to dozens of school fundraisers annually. Meals, gifts and monetary assistance during the holidays brighten spirits for those facing hardship. Food drives run throughout the year to keep local food bank shelves stocked.

When crisis strikes, QFC and its employees step up in big ways. Supply and manpower mobilized quickly in response to natural disasters from floods to fires. The COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges, but we increased safety protocols while ensuring consistent access to necessities.

As a neighborhood store, we take pride in hiring local residents including youth, seniors, those with disabilities, veterans, and more. Jobs range from entry-level to executive positions with advancement opportunities. Excellent wages and benefits like healthcare, retirement plans and tuition reimbursement speak to our commitment to employees.

We love calling this community home and aim to continue serving your grocery needs while giving back for decades to come. Support from loyal customers like you makes the QFC difference possible. Thank you!

Convenient Locations Near You

As a regional supermarket chain, QFC Groceries operates over 100 locations spread across several states. We have scaled our operations through strategic expansion while striving never to lose that friendly neighborhood feel.

Design elements at every store aim to make shopping efficient and enjoyable. Bright lighting, wide aisles, low shelves and signage guide you in locating items fast. Decor mixes modern elements with nods to our long history. Background music creates a pleasant ambiance. Cleaning crews work methodically to keep locations spotless.

Sufficient parking means you always can find a spot close to the door whether dashing in for a gallon of milk or stocking up the cart. Cart corrals collect strays from across the massive lot. Helpful loaders assist those needing an extra hand unloading groceries.

Other conveniences include Redbox DVD rentals, ATMs and propane tank exchanges. Starbucks cafes provide made-to-order specialty coffee drinks to fuel up while shopping. Most have adjacent gas stations where you can redeem fuel reward discounts.

Bus routes stop right in front of many locations since we aim for highly visible plots near main thoroughfares. Those who prefer to shop from home can place ClickList orders online for convenient curbside pickup or delivery.

Commitment to Quality & Safety

While sparkling storefronts may catch the eye, what goes on behind the scenes ensures QFC Groceries maintains high standards for quality across operations. Rigorous protocols guide product handling from farm/factory to store shelves, so you feel confident in what you feed your family.

Supplier screening includes facility sanitation inspections along with strict criteria for ingredients, processing and transportation. Produce passes through central distribution centers with advanced technologies to optimize freshness in transit to stores. State-of-the-art cooling systems carefully regulate temperatures maintaining integrity.

Within neighborhood market locations, daily sanitization routines incorporate thorough cleaning paired with advanced disinfecting solutions safe for food contact surfaces. All departments reinforce safe food handling techniques that govern reputable restaurants. Customers enjoy seeing behind-the-scenes actions through storefront preparation of many fresh items.

Food safety oversight spans local, regional, state and federal levels through unannounced site audits. Excellent inspection reports reflect our steadfast diligence to policies and best practices. We gladly provide health scores and certifications upon request for full transparency.

Pandemic response became an additional priority these past few years as community safety depends on grocers. We added intensive sanitization procedures along with installing barriers, distancing signage, traffic flow management and facial covering enforcement. Store capacities tracked closely to control shopper volume.

Instilling consumer confidence around supply safety throughout COVID-19 uncertainty proved vital. Customers continue to trust us as essential partners through the ups and downs – thanks goes to an unshakeable dedication toward quality.

Grocery Shopping, Elevated

QFC Groceries began from humble roots yet now offers a modern, elevated shopping experience tailored to today’s consumer habits and tastes. We blend that welcoming neighborhood feel many enjoy with innovative programs delivering convenience.

Curbside pickup through ClickList reaches new levels of efficiency – simply pull into designated spots and associates load bags directly into cars. Home delivery means one less errand while ill or caring for little ones.

Self-checkout lanes speed routine shopping trips by giving power back to customers. Updated POS systems stabilize even during peak hours so no one waits excessively. Contactless payment methods like Apple Pay provide seamless transactions without hassle.

Those who embrace tech can utilize the QFC app for additional perks. Easy reorders from past purchases save future trips down aisles. Exclusive personalized offers deliver bang for buck. Digital integration with loyalty accounts enables instant access to points, rewards and coupons.

We continue expanding our eCommerce channel to meet shifting consumer behaviors. Customers increasingly want to dictate where, when and how they shop rather than adhering to old models. Our commitment to progress ensures we can deliver premium service however you prefer.

Still, many neighborhood regulars enjoy visiting their local QFC to catch up on gossip while leisurely wandering the aisles. Our charm retains devotees across ages and backgrounds. Blending personalized service with online efficiencies empowers shoppers to craft ideal experiences.

The QFC Difference

We hope this overview convinces you that QFC Groceries goes the extra mile to earn your business. Summing up, here are the top reasons to make us your go-to neighborhood grocery store:

Unmatched Selection – Our stores offer an abundance of fresh produce, premium meat/seafood, bakery delights and all your household essentials. Local, natural and specialized options galore!

Competitive Value – Rigorous sourcing and operational controls allow us to offer incredibly low pricing all week long instead of relying on sales alone. Savvy savers thrive here.

Customer Service – Genuine hospitality remains central to our DNA after 100+ years in business. Rave reviews praise our friendly, helpful service at every location.

Convenience – With 100+ locations regionally plus robust ecommerce channels, choosing how/where you shop is easier than ever. We meet you on your terms.

Quality & Safety – Strict standards govern suppliers, facilities and employees so you can feel fully confident in products purchased to nourish your family.

Community Focus – Getting involved locally through donations, volunteering, hiring and consuming reinforces our neighborhood roots despite considerable growth over decades.

We strive to live up to founder Jack Smith’s original vision of a humble market focused on fair prices, quality goods and friendly rapport. That approach won over shoppers back in 1915 – and it still does today.

On behalf of our entire staff, I want to thank you for considering QFC Groceries as your primary grocery destination. We can’t wait to see you at one of our neighborhood stores soon!

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We offer quality ingredients and excellent value

QFC was founded in 1915 with a commitment to bringing quality food and value to our customers. For over 100 years, shoppers have relied on us for affordable prices on grocery staples and popular national brands. We work directly with vendors and farmers to provide fresh produce and choice meats at affordable costs. Our own QFC brand products offer similar quality to national brands at lower prices. Whether you’re shopping on a budget or just want to get quality ingredients while saving money, QFC has you covered. We strive to make healthy eating affordable and accessible to all.

Rigorous quality control from source to shelf

Our QFC brand encompasses over 2,000 products that undergo rigorous quality testing before they earn the QFC name. We carefully select suppliers that meet our stringent requirements for food safety, production processes, sustainability practices and quality. Our quality control experts review ingredients, conduct facility audits, test samples in our labs, assess packaging and distribution parameters and do in-store sampling. From raw agricultural goods to packaged foods, all QFC brand items must pass regular sensory and analytical tests. This quality control process allows us to offer QFC brand products you can trust at a great value compared to national brands. We stand behind every QFC product knowing it has undergone thorough vetting before hitting our shelves.

Savings, deals and speedy shopping with the QFC app

The QFC app puts everyday savings, digital coupons, fuel rewards and weekly promos right on your phone. You can browse digital Weekly Ads to plan your shopping list and clip over 100 coupons with a tap before you even enter the store. Skip clipping and keep savings handy. At checkout, sign in with your account and any loaded coupons automatically apply. The app makes saving money effortless!

You can also choose in-store shopping or delivery services like Instacart Pickup. Order everything on your list with the app and have it brought to your car the same day. With speedy fulfillment options and easy reorder from your shopping history, the QFC app makes getting groceries fast and convenient. Download now to save time and money on every trip to QFC.

Transparent pricing and price matching

At QFC transparency around pricing is a top priority, but mistakes can occasionally happen. If the price charged at checkout doesn’t match the advertised or shelf price, let a staff member at Guest Services know as soon as possible. We’ll promptly investigate pricing issues and take one of the following actions:

  • If the item rings up at a higher price than marked or advertised, you get it free up to $10.
  • If the scanned price is lower than the shelf or advertised price, you get the item at the lower cost.
  • For any items you have a question about, we’ll verify the correct current pricing.

We also offer a Low Price Guarantee throughout our stores. If you find a current national brand item advertised for less at another local grocer, bring us the ad and we’ll match that price at the register automatically. Our goal is to maintain transparent pricing and give you confidence you are getting the best deal every time you shop.

Donations, partnerships and volunteering

Giving back through community support and outreach programs has been a cornerstone of QFC’s culture since day one. Every year we donate millions of pounds of food to help fight hunger through partnerships with Northwest Harvest and Food Lifeline. Many of our stores also donate edible food to local charities and food banks. Across Washington, Oregon and Idaho, we support youth sports, education programs and community events through financial and in-kind donations.

QFC also has a longstanding commitment to sustainability from our stores to the supply chain. We partner with vendors to reduce waste, conserve energy, protect forests and improve packaging. Our Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Foundation also helps tackle food insecurity and the impacts of climate change. Additionally, our employee volunteer program gives our associates paid time off to support causes they care about across our neighborhoods. We believe strong, sustainable communities start with active corporate citizens like QFC.