At QFC, we believe that everyone deserves access to fresh, high-quality foods and products at affordable prices. For over 100 years, we have been passionately committed to helping our customers save money and live healthier lives with nutritious meal choices for the whole family.

Our History

QFC was founded in 1915 by Jack Smith when he opened the first QFC grocery store on Main Street in Seattle, Washington. As a local Pacific Northwest company, our roots run deep. Jack’s mission was simple – offer exceptional value on grocery staples so everyone could afford to feed their family.

In the over 100 years since our founding, QFC has grown steadily. We opened dozens of new store locations across Washington and Oregon throughout the mid 20th century. Our growth was organic and gradual, always staying true to our regional Northwest roots and loyal customer base.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, QFC experienced rapid growth and expansion. We acquired several smaller chain stores, doubling our store count and expanding our footprint in Washington. We also modernized our brand image and store formats to provide expanded offerings while keeping prices low.

Today, QFC operates over 150 grocery stores across Washington, Oregon and Northern Idaho. We employ over 15,000 team members. Our assortment includes over 40,000 products including fresh produce, meat and seafood, everyday grocery items, health and beauty products, and more.

Even with our growth, QFC maintains its connection to local communities. Our stores actively support neighborhood food banks, schools, charities and events. We source many products from local farmers, vendors and partners.

At our core, QFC remains focused on providing exceptional value and service to Northwest families and communities, just as our founder Jack Smith first envisioned over a century ago. We blend modern conveniences with old-fashioned, personal service from our knowledgeable staff.

Our Stores

QFC stores are clean, friendly neighborhood grocery stores focused on great prices, quality products and excellent customer service. Our average store size is around 45,000 square feet.

When you walk into a QFC, you are greeted by wide open aisles, abundant natural lighting, and clear signage guiding you to whatever you need – from fresh produce, to bakery items, international cuisine, or healthier food alternatives. Our stores are meticulously designed for an easy, seamless shopping experience. There are no membership fees or cards required to shop.

Each QFC store has specially tailored offerings to fit its neighborhood. You may find more ethnic foods, local products, or specialty departments depending on your community’s needs and preferences. This hyper-local approach allows us to serve customers best within each store’s unique footprint.

Beyond traditional grocery departments, many QFC stores have additional features such as:

We continually evaluate our stores to identify areas for improvement. We remodel locations regularly, applying fresh paint, new flooring, upgraded lighting and more modern designs. Our goal is for customers to enjoy a consistent, excellent shopping experience whenever they enter QFC.

Our Products

QFC offers a complete one-stop shop for all your grocery needs. We deliver exceptional value by keeping prices low across 40,000+ products organized into easy-to-shop store departments. Popular product categories include:

Fresh Foods

Shop abundant displays of fresh fruits and vegetables, store-cut meats and seafood, freshly prepared entrees and sides from our Kitchen, and baked goods from our in-store Bakery. We deliver regular shipments to keep produce and perishables well-stocked and at peak freshness. Local farms supply many of our seasonal fruits, veggies, dairy and other items.

Pantry Essentials

Keep your pantry stocked with grocery staples like bread, eggs, cheese, cereal, pasta, canned goods, spices, flour, sugar and more. Our private label brands offer low prices on quality household items.

Deli, Ready-To-Eat Meals

When you don’t have time to cook, our Deli department is ready with convenient heat-and-eat side dishes, entree salads, sandwiches, wings, pizza and family meal bundles. Or pick up chef-prepared cuisine from our Kitchen.

Meat & Seafood

Our full-service Meat department features USDA Choice beef cuts, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey. You’ll find sustainable wild-caught fish and shellfish delivered fresh daily at Seafood. Store butchers hand cut meats to your specifications.

Healthy & Organic Choices

QFC is your neighborhood destination for better-for-you groceries. Our organic produce, natural pantry items, gluten free products and sustainable seafood adhere to the strictest quality standards. Our nutritionists and product experts carefully curate our Natural Foods departments to offer wholesome choices for specialty diets.

International & Specialty Foods

Discover authentic ingredients and global flavors from around the world. Our stores showcase the diverse food traditions of our communities. We partner with local ethnic grocers and vendors to provide hard-to-find specialty products.

Household Essentials

Keep your home tidy with paper goods, cleaning supplies, pet foods, baby supplies and more household necessities. Our buyers work hard to negotiate deals with major brands and offer comparable quality through our private labels.

Health & Wellness

Care for your family with pharmacy prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, supplements, natural remedies, beauty and personal care products. Our stores also have home healthcare items like braces, mobility aids and bathroom safety accessories.

We’re proud to offer thousands of organic, natural and better-for-you products across departments to accommodate a wide range of diets and nutritional needs – from vegan and vegetarian to keto and paleo diets. Our store brands give families with special dietary needs access to affordable gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO verified, low sodium and no sugar added options for staples they love.

And if you don’t see a product you want on shelves, ask our department managers or submit a request on our website. We do our best to stock items based on customer demand.

Our Values

Since 1915, QFC has upheld values that represent the spirit of the Pacific Northwest – we are genuine, ethical, reliable, friendly and serve our communities. We believe actions speak louder than words. Customers recognize our values in their everyday experiences with QFC team members.

1. Exceptional Service

QFC associates deliver friendly, smiling service you feel the moment you enter our stores. We pride ourselves on customer hospitality and aim to make each shopping trip easy and enjoyable. Don’t hesitate to ask us your questions – our trained staff love assisting customers find products or recommendations. We have multiple avenues to serve customers from phone support to online chat to in-store assistance.

2. Low Prices

As a value-focused regional grocer, we keep prices affordable on the items families buy most – from fresh staples to household essentials. Customers count on us for cost savings they can’t find at other stores without sacrificing quality. We leverage our size and scale to negotiate with major brands and deliver everyday low prices customers expect.

3. Product Quality & Safety

Shop with confidence knowing every product in our stores meets strict specifications for freshness, safety, purity and nutrition. We hold suppliers, vendors, and our own operations to stringent food preparation, handling and testing protocols that meet and often exceed regulatory requirements. We proudly banned artificial trans fats, flavors and dyes from all food products years ahead of larger chains.

4. Support Local

QFC has strong bonds within the communities we serve. Our stores reflect the diverse tastes and cultural traditions of neighborhoods. We source produce, dairy, meat, wine and other items from regional farmers and vendors. And our associates volunteer time, food donations and funds to area food banks, charities, schools and civic causes.

5. Eco-Friendly

From sustainable seafood and organics to eliminating excess packaging waste, QFC leads with environmental stewardship. We constantly refine operations to shrink our environmental footprint. Support conservation efforts by taking advantage of recycling programs in store, reusable bag discounts, and paperless eReceipts. Together with customers, we???re building a future of responsible resource management for the next generation.

Our Customers

QFC customers represent the diverse fabric of vibrant Northwest communities. Families shop with us across all generations – parents, grandparents, children and young adults alike walk our aisles daily seeking fresh, nutritious foods to fuel healthy lifestyles.

Our core customer is anyone who cares about food – people who value flavor, quality nutrition, transparency in ingredients, and minimally processed items. We cater to foodies seeking inspiration from new items to sophisticated palates looking to recreate restaurant meals at home.

Beyond everyday home cooks, QFC meets specialty dietary needs of all kinds. Our natural and organic selections appeal to the health conscious buying organic produce, additive-free prepared items and sustainable seafood. We offer thousands of items meeting vegan, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, low sodium diets and more.

And for time-constrained customers, our Deli prepares nutritious heat-and-eat meals for easy dinners on busy weeknights. Or order groceries online for convenient curbside pickup or delivery.

Regardless of preferences, QFC customers expect superior service, excellent value and a genuinely welcoming environment. Our stores are community hubs – places to catch up with neighbors, discover new products, or try global flavors reflecting regional diversity.

We appreciate the long-time loyalists who have shopped with us for generations as much as new residents experiencing their first QFC trip. Our friendly staff, low prices, quality products and neighborhood spirit appeal to all in search of good food and authentic hospitality.

Giving Back

QFC has a long legacy of supporting our communities. We know many Northwest families and children face food hardship and do not take this responsibility lightly. Below are some of the ways we give back:

Fighting Childhood Hunger & Supporting Families

Too many children in our own backyards go to school hungry each day without reliable access to nutritious food. QFC funds programs providing nutritious breakfasts and backpacks with food to sustain kids through weekends and school breaks. We also donate perishable foods to area food banks and kitchens providing meals for low-income families and individuals.

Supporting Local Schools & Non-Profits

Our stores partner with neighborhood schools to supply items for family events, donate unsold baked goods from our Kitchen, provide snacks for class parties, and more. We also have longtime partnerships supporting United Way, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs, humane societies and literacy programs.

Sourcing Local Farm Fresh Produce

During harvest seasons, we showcase just-picked fruits and veggies from regional farmers at the peak of freshness and flavor. Partnering with local producers supports family farms while reducing environmental impact of long distance transport. We also carry locally made food items like wine, cheese, packaged goods in our Northwest Favorites sections.

Prioritizing Diversity & Inclusion

QFC celebrates our region???s rich diversity. We ensure representation of diverse communities in our workforce, marketing, branding, partnerships and product offerings. We have zero tolerance for discrimination and dedicate resources to maintaining an equitable, accessible workplace where all team members feel respected, supported and empowered to grow their careers.

Our communities are at the heart of everything we do. We make strategic investments and establish partnerships providing long-term uplift to break cyclical poverty challenging too many individuals and families.

Our Future

A lot has changed in grocery retail since our founding over a century ago. But amidst modern innovations, our values and mission endure – QFC exists to serve Northwest families and communities.

We will continue growing thoughtfully, expanding to new neighborhoods with demand for quality, affordable groceries. We pledge transparency around our sustainable business practices and products. You’ll see advances in digital convenience – more frictionless checkout options, expansion of grocery pick up and delivery choices, personalized online shopping experiences and more.

Most importantly, QFC promises consistency in the genuine hospitality and exceptional service you expect from our stores after 100+ years in the community. We strive to make grocery shopping more delightful each time you walk through our doors. Our friendly associates work hard behind the scenes so you return home with the best nature has to offer on your kitchen table.

Thank you for supporting QFC these many years. We hope to earn the privilege of your choosing to shop with us for 100 more.

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