Alaskan’s Finest Colossal Lump Crab Meat – Two 1lb Cans



Enjoy the delicious taste of wild-caught Alaskan king crab with this pair of 1 pound cans of colossal lump crab meat. Perfectly packaged for convenience, this premium crab is ready to use in your favorite crab recipes!

Wild-Caught Alaskan King Crab

This high-quality crab meat comes from the prized legs of Alaskan king crab, renowned for their sweet flavor and tender texture. The snowy white lumps of meat are hand-picked from freshly caught crab and carefully packaged to lock in that just-caught freshness.

100% Wild Alaskan King Crab

You can trust that this crab meat is the real deal – 100% wild king crab from the pristine waters of Alaska. With no additives, fillers or artificial ingredients, it’s simply delicious crab meat the way Mother Nature intended.

Colossal Lump Crab Meat

This crab has been gently hand-picked to preserve the cherished colossal lumps, the largest and most impressive pieces. Colossal lumps are perfect for showcasing the crab’s succulent texture and sweet flavor in appetizers, entrees, salads and more.

Ready to Use Crab Meat

With no shells or cartilage, this crab meat requires no prep work. Simply open the can and you’re ready to add these impressive lumps directly into your recipes. An easy and convenient way to enjoy wild caught crab!

Versatile and Delicious

The sweet taste and delicate texture of this Alaskan king crab makes it a versatile ingredient. Use it in crab cakes, dip, salad, pasta, seafood towers and so much more. Its adaptability and rich flavor will elevate any dish.

Easy Storage and Reheating

The 1 pound cans allow you to keep one in the fridge for immediate use while storing one in the freezer for later. To reheat thawed or refrigerated crab meat, simply warm gently on the stove or in the microwave until heated through.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our crab 100%! If you aren’t completely satisfied with the quality and taste of this Alaskan king crab meat, just let us know and we’ll make it right.

Treat your family and guests to the delicious taste of wild king crab from the icy waters of Alaska. Order this pair of 1 pound cans of premium colossal lump crab meat today and enjoy!


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