Alef Premium European Jewish Salami – Aged to Perfection for Authentic Flavor (1.5 lb)



Discover the Rich, Bold Flavor of Alef Evreyskaya Salami

Alef Evreyskaya salami represents the very best of old world deli meat traditions. Our premium salami delivers hearty, rich flavor perfect for elevating sandwiches, appetizer boards and recipes.

Named after the Russian word for Jewish, Evreyskaya salami has its roots in eastern Europe. The recipe combines select cuts of beef and pork seasoned with garlic, pepper and spices. It’s cured and then slow-aged to develop a complex, tangy flavor.

With Alef, you can enjoy the authentic taste of this European-style Jewish deli meat crafted by masters of the art. Each savory bite bursts with smoky, garlicky goodness.

Traditional Artisanal Craftsmanship

At Alef, we faithfully follow time-honored processes to produce our premium deli meats. It starts with carefully choosing high quality beef and porkCuts are seasoned with a proprietary blend of spices to complement the meats.

The salami is slow-fermented and cured to impart tangy flavor. Gentle smoking infuses rich, smoky notes. The salami is then hung to age, concentrating the flavors as moisture evaporates.

This traditional European charcuterie process means our salami deliver an authentic old world taste you’ll love. They make an artisanal addition to any meat and cheese board.

Bold, Savory Flavor in Every Bite

Take one slice of our Evreyskaya salami and get ready for a flavor experience. You’ll notice:

– Aromatic smokiness surrounded by hints of garlic, pepper and spice

– Deep, hearty meatiness shining through

– Tangy hints of fermented flavor

– Nice firm texture with just the right amount of chewiness

Every sublime bite delivers a balanced profile of rich, bold flavors. The longer aging gives our salami a concentrated intensity hard to find in many commercial versions.

An Essential Ingredient for Snacking & Recipes

Alef Evreyskaya salami is incredibly versatile. Beyond savoring it solo, this authentic deli meat can elevate sandwiches, appetizers, meals and more.

– Make a perfect sandwich layered with cheese, mustard and pickles

– Cube it for an upscale charcuterie and cheese board

– Chop and add to pasta, pizza, omelets, soups and casseroles

– Stuff in baked potatoes or wraps

– Skewer for hearty protein snack bites

However you use it, our aged salami adds gourmet flair. With its bold flavor and firm texture, it performs wonderfully in hot and cold recipes.

Enjoy Old World Excellence

Treat your taste buds to the authentic flavors of traditional European charcuterie with Alef Premium Jewish Salami. Perfectly aged and spiced, every slice delivers a rich, smoky meatiness.

Add rich, savory goodness to everyday meals and special occasion spreads. Our aged salami truly represents old world excellence on a plate.


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