Alewel’s Deli Style All Beef Summer Sausage



Introducing Alewel’s award-winning deli style all beef summer sausage! Crafted with care in Warrensburg, Missouri by Alewel’s Country Meats since 1932, this gluten-free ready-to-eat sausage makes a delicious addition to any charcuterie board or snack platter.

As a national award winner, Alewel’s Deli Style Summer Sausage represents the finest quality and flavor you can find. It starts with premium cuts of 100% beef seasoned to perfection with Alewel’s proprietary blend of spices. The meat is then slowly smoked over a mix of hickory and applewood, infusing it with a wonderfully smoky taste and aroma. Finally, the sausage is cooked and air dried to give it an authentic deli-style texture and appearance while concentrating the flavors.

This is NOT your average summer sausage! Alewel’s Deli Style Summer Sausage has a rich, meaty flavor and dense, sliceable consistency similar to quality deli meats like salami or soppressata. With no fillers, artificial flavors or chemicals, the ingredients list contains just beef, water, salt, spices, sugar, and culture. It provides 8g of protein per serving.

Enjoy this versatile sausage on its own as a high-protein snack or appetizer. The concentrated, bold flavors pair especially well with crackers, cheese, olives, pickles, nuts, and spreads. Thinly slice it to top pizzas, flatbreads, sandwiches, or salads for a savory, smoky boost. Dice it into hearty pastas, omelets, baked potatoes, or casseroles. Roll it up in pinwheels or bites with cream cheese and herbs or other fillings. The possibilities are nearly endless!

With no refrigeration required, Alewel’s Deli Style Summer Sausage travels well for picnics, camping, road trips, or wherever your adventures take you. The resealable vacuum packaging ensures freshness once opened. It also makes a great gift for sausage lovers!

Treat your family, friends, tailgate crowd or party guests to the very best all beef summer sausage. Alewel’s award-winning flavor and quality is the perfect addition to any deli platter or charcuterie board. Slice it thick for hearty appetizers or thin for snacks and sandwiches. With decades of smoking expertise, you can trust Alewel’s to deliver authentic deli-style flavor and texture.

About Alewel’s Country Meats

Alewel’s Country Meats is a family-owned sausage-making company located in the heart of Missouri. We’ve been hard at work curing, smoking, aging, and cooking the highest quality meats since 1932. For over 90 years across four generations, the Alewel family has continued the traditions of old-world charcuterie and sausage making. We combine time-honored recipes with modern innovations to craft the very best deli-style summer sausages.

Our smoked sausages are Award-Winning Favorites for good reason. We start with premium Midwestern beef and pork cuts and carefully trim and season them based on family recipes. Then the meat is smoked low and slow over burning hickory and applewood chips. The wood smoke seeps deep into the meat to provide incredible flavor. After smoking comes cooking, drying, and aging periods to fully develop the textures and tastes. Finally, the sausages are vacuum sealed to lock in freshness.

At Alewel’s, we take pride in producing delicious deli-style summer sausages devoid of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Our ingredients always stay simple: beef, pork, salt, sugar, spices, culture, vinegar, water, and smoke. We adhere to strict quality control and food safety standards to deliver the very best to you. If you’re looking for authentic charcuterie flavor, look no further than Award-Winning Alewel’s!


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