All Natural Teawurst Variety Pack (6 x 7 oz)



Discover the bold, savory flavors of authentic German-style teawurst with our all natural teawurst variety pack. This pack includes 6, 7 oz cans of three tantalizing teawurst flavors: Original, Peppercorn, and Smoked. Each spread is lovingly crafted in small batches in the USA using premium cuts of pork, beef, and spices.

An Homage to Old World Charcuterie

Teawurst (pronounced “TOY-vurst”) is a type of German cooked sausage traditionally made from a mixture of raw, cured pork and beef. Its characteristic spreadable texture and tangy flavor profile have made it a popular charcuterie item across Europe for generations.

Our take on this classic delicacy uses only premium cuts of pork and beef seasoned with a propriety blend of spices. The meat mixture is gently cooked and smoked over natural hardwood chips. Unlike many mass-produced versions, our teawurst contains no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. Just pure, all natural ingredients crafted with passion.

Three Flavorful Varieties

This variety pack allows you to sample three of our most popular teawurst flavors:

Original Teawurst

Our traditional-style teawurst has a subtly smoky aroma and a rich, meaty flavor. Spread it on crusty bread or a hearty sandwich for a satisfying snack.

Peppercorn Teawurst

This version adds cracked black peppercorns and a hint of garlic to give the original recipe a spicy kick. The coarse bits of pepper provide texture and accentuate the pork and beef flavors.

Smoked Teawurst

Here we cold smoke the teawurst over beechwood chips for hours to infuse it with smoky goodness. If you like smoked meats and charcuterie, this intensely flavored spread is sure to satisfy.

Tantalizing Taste, Convenient Format

Thanks to its smooth, spreadable texture, our all natural teawurst is extremely versatile. Enjoy it as-is on crackers or bread, add it to sandwiches or flatbreads, or use it to top bruschetta, potatoes, deviled eggs or antipasto platters. It also makes a fantastic sandwich condiment or bagel schmear.

The 7 oz cans are easy to open and store in the fridge after opening. They’re perfect for packing in lunches or enjoying appetizer-sized portions. With our reusable packaging, there’s no waste – just great taste.

Crafted with Care in the USA

We take pride in making our premium teawurst right here in America using locally-sourced meats and spices. Our small-batch process allows us to closely monitor every step of crafting, cooking, and packaging our products.

We never use artificial additives or preservatives, just old-fashioned techniques like smoking over natural wood chips. The result is authentic charcuterie flavor you can feel good about serving to your family.

Discover the rich, savory joy of true German-style teawurst with our all natural variety pack. Click “Add to Cart” now to get 6 cans of three mouthwatering flavors delivered straight to your door!


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