ALMAPRO Natural Rubber Dishwashing Gloves – Soft Comfortable Long Sleeve Design for Kitchen Cleaning



Keep your hands protected while tackling messy kitchen chores with the ALMAPRO Natural Rubber Dishwashing Gloves. Made from high quality natural rubber, these reusable gloves provide durable protection for all your household cleaning tasks.

The extra long sleeves on these dish gloves cover more of your arms for enhanced protection from water, grease, and chemicals. The soft, flexible rubber construction contours to your hands for a comfortable, custom fit every time you wear them. An elasticized cuff secures the gloves in place while keeping water from seeping inside.

Get a reliable grip on plates, glasses, and utensils when washing up, thanks to the textured fingertips that provide a non-slip surface. The thick rubber material acts as a barrier against heat up to 122°F and cold down to 14°F. Your hands and skin stay insulated from hot and cold water as you work.

In addition to the kitchen, these multipurpose gloves work great for other household chores like cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry, washing the car, gardening, pet care, and more. The durable rubber stands up to repeated use and resists rips or punctures.

When it’s time to clean, skip the bulky rubber gloves that restrain your movement. Slip on these soft, flexible dish gloves for full dexterity and finger sensitivity while your hands stay dry and comfortable. The elasticized cuffs hug your wrists to keep water out without restricting circulation.

Experience the Comfort & Protection of Natural Rubber Dish Gloves:

– Soft, flexible rubber construction provides outstanding comfort for extended wear
– Textured grips on fingers and palms prevent slipping and improve handling
– Extra long sleeves protect more of your forearms from splashes and spills
– Heat resistant up to 122°F and cold resistant down to 14°F
– Elasticized cuffs create a secure fit and help block water from entering
– Durable, reusable gloves stand up to repeated use for household tasks
– Provides full dexterity and sensitivity for fingers when cleaning and washing

Tackle Messy Chores Without the Mess:

No more arriving at the dinner table with pruney, soaked hands after doing dishes. These rubber gloves create a waterproof barrier so your hands stay dry.

The extra coverage on the sleeves prevents soap suds, grease splatter, and cleaning chemicals from contacting your skin. You can scrub pots and pans or wipe up spills without harming your hands.

Get a reliable grip on slick dishware, utensils, and appliances when cleaning up after meals. The textured pattern on the palms and fingers improves your hold on wet or slippery items in the sink or dishwasher.

Comfortable Security for All Your Chores:

A day of household chores brings you in contact with dirt, grime, and contaminants you don’t want on your bare hands. Slip on these protective gloves whenever it’s time to tackle cleaning projects.

The durable, flexible rubber moves with you for unrestricted mobility. Grip bottles, scrub surfaces, handle trash bags and more without missing a beat.

Shield your hands from chemicals in cleaning products and detergents as you sanitize countertops, floors, appliances and other areas. The thick rubber creates a barrier between your skin and harsh ingredients.

From dirty dishes to grouty tile, cluttered cat boxes to overflowing trash cans, these gloves make the yucky jobs easier. The elastic cuffs ensure a secure fit so the gloves won’t slip off at inconvenient times.

Buy with Confidence and Wash After Use:

ALMAPRO provides outstanding kitchen gloves you can rely on to protect your hands while you work. We back our dish washing gloves with a 1-year warranty and friendly customer service.

These natural rubber gloves are top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning between uses. Allow them to air dry completely before storing to maximize their lifespan.

Give your hands a break from harsh cleaning chemicals and messy chores. Order the ALMAPRO Natural Rubber Dishwashing Gloves today to make household tasks more comfortable.


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