Amazon Brand Happy Belly Instant Oatmeal Fruit & Cream Variety Pack, 10 Packs



Start your day off right with the delicious and nutritious flavors of the Amazon Brand Happy Belly Instant Oatmeal Fruit & Cream Variety Pack. This pack contains 10 single-serve pouches of wholesome instant oatmeal, featuring a tantalizing mix of fruity and creamy flavors to please your palate.

An Assortment of Delectable Flavors

The variety pack includes two pouches each of five luscious flavors:

  • Strawberries & Cream: Plump strawberries and velvety cream combine for a comforting breakfast treat.
  • Apples & Cinnamon: The perfect balance of tender apples and aromatic cinnamon will transport your tastebuds.
  • Mixed Berry Medley: Juicy blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries infuse each wholesome bite.
  • Maple & Brown Sugar: Irresistible hints of maple and brown sugar provide a touch of sweetness.
  • Peaches & Cream: Sweet peach flavor and creamy notes create fruity bliss in a bowl.

With this variety pack in your pantry, you’ll enjoy a new delicious flavor combination every morning. The easy single-serve pouches mean you can prepare a hot, satisfying breakfast in under a minute.

Made with 100% Whole Grains

Each serving is made with 100% whole grain oats, providing the natural goodness of whole grains. Whole grains provide important nutrients for overall wellness, including:

  • Dietary fiber to support digestive and heart health
  • B vitamins to help convert food into energy
  • Essential minerals like iron, magnesium, and selenium
  • Antioxidants to combat free radicals

Fuel up on the nutrition you need to take on the day ahead. The soluble fiber in oats may also help lower cholesterol when enjoyed as part of a diet low in saturated fat.

No High Fructose Corn Syrup

You won’t find any high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors in this wholesome oatmeal. It’s sweetened using only natural sources like fruit flavors and cane sugar. The delicious taste comes from real ingredients you can recognize and feel good about enjoying.

Smooth and Creamy Texture

Simply add water, microwave, and enjoy a hot bowl of perfectly creamy oatmeal whenever a craving strikes. The quick 1-minute prep time means you can have a satisfying breakfast on even the busiest mornings.

The smooth texture and mouthwatering flavors make this oatmeal hard to resist. Kids and adults alike will love diving into these fun fruit and cream varieties.

Convenient Single-Serve Pouches

The single-serve pouches eliminate the need to measure out servings. Just open, add water, and microwave one pouch at a time. They’re perfectly portioned so there’s no waste.

The on-the-go pouches are also great for packing in lunches or taking to the office for a mid-morning snack. Wherever your day takes you, you’ll have a wholesome and delicious oatmeal option handy.

Quality You Can Trust

Amazon Brand Happy Belly brings you the quality ingredients you want at a price you’ll love. Their food experts work hard to craft great-tasting foods with simple, recognizable ingredients.

As an Amazon brand, these oatmeal packs are packed fresh and shipped directly to your door. You can trust Happy Belly for delicious, affordable snacks and staples your whole family will enjoy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind the quality and flavor of Amazon Brand Happy Belly products. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you’re protected by the Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee.

Give your mornings a boost of fruity delight without breaking the bank. Satisfy cravings and nourish your body any time of day with the Amazon Brand Happy Belly Instant Oatmeal Fruit & Cream Variety Pack. Add a bag to your cart today!


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