America’s Best Root Beer Variety Pack – 12 Craft Bottled Root Beers



Discover America’s most beloved root beer brands all in one case with this mix pack featuring 12 different craft bottled root beers. The variety 12-pack includes famous regional root beers and gourmet flavors, each made with pure cane sugar and packaged in a retro glass bottle.

12 Iconic and Artisanal Root Beers for the Perfect Variety

This root beer sampler has all the classics covered, so you can taste and compare the unique flavors of America’s favorite nostalgic soda.

  • Abita Root Beer – Smooth, Louisiana-style root beer with a kiss of honey
  • Boylan – An old fashioned recipe since 1891 with bold vanilla
  • Dad’s Root Beer – Distinctive high-foam head and aged vanilla
  • Fitz’s Root Beer – Creamy, full-bodied root beer from St. Louis
  • Hanks Root Beer – Pacific Northwest flavor with unbeatable foam
  • IBC – Milwaukee’s iconic frosty mug root beer since 1919
  • Route 66 Root Beer – Sweet honeyed root beer with an orange twist
  • Sprecher – Wisconsin’s original craft root beer with a creamy head
  • Thomas Kemper – Ultra-smooth with vanilla, anise and caramel
  • Virgil’s – Robustly spiced with vanilla, licorice, cinnamon
  • Wild Bill’s Root Beer – Sweetened with Idaho honey for a smooth taste
  • Winter Root Beer – A crisp, clean flavor with birch and sassafras

With 12 different options in one case, you get to sample a huge range of flavors from sweet to spicy to creamy. Every vintage glass bottle contains perfectly carbonated root beer sweetened with pure cane sugar for an authentic old-fashioned flavor.

Handcrafted in Small Batches Using Time-Honored Recipes

All of the root beers in this mix case are carefully crafted by America’s leading specialty soda bottlers using traditional recipes perfected over generations. Brands like Dad’s, Boylan and Fitz’s have been making beloved root beers for over a century. You’ll taste the authentic flavors that have made these brands classic favorites for decades.

Small batch production ensures consistent quality and flavor every bottle. And unlike mainstream soft drinks, these root beers contain no artificial ingredients – just pure cane sugar, filtered water, natural flavors and carbonation. Treat your taste buds to the delicious flavors of real, handcrafted root beer.

Nostalgic Glass Bottled Sodas

Enjoy the nostalgic experience of a frosty cold glass bottled soda straight from the fridge. Each vintage-style embossed glass bottle adds to the old-timey appeal and refreshing taste.

Pop the cap and pour into a chilled mug to complete the classic root beer float taste. The embossed glass also makes these great for sharing or gifting. Give the root beer lovers in your life this case to sample the diverse flavors of American’s quintessential soda.

Made in the USA by Orca Beverage

All of the sodas in this variety case are proudly produced in the USA by Orca Beverage – an independent specialty soda maker based in the Pacific Northwest. For over 30 years, Orca Beverage has perfected the art of crafting “fancy sodas” in glass bottles using premium ingredients.

Their small-town soda factory houses an impressive collection of vintage bottling equipment not seen since the 1950s. This attention to detail and tradition ensures every sip will transport your taste buds back in time. Support a made in America business while enjoying the nostalgic flavors of genuine handcrafted root beer.

A Root Beer for Every Palate

With so many amazing root beers to taste, every member of the family can pick their perfect flavor. From kids to root beer connoisseurs, this variety pack offers something for everyone. The mix of sweet, creamy, spicy and traditional recipes means you’ll never get bored cracking open a cold bottle.

Try tasting them side-by-side to experience the subtle differences. Use them to spike homemade ice cream, or just enjoy each root beer’s distinctive flavor notes all on their own. However you savor them, these 12 artisanal root beers let you become a root beer flavor expert!

Bring Home an Assortment of Root Beer Nostalgia

Get a taste of old-fashioned soda fountain fun delivered straight to your door with this root beer mix case. It’s a root beer lover’s dream come true! Savor the diverse flavors or bring to a party so everyone can sample a different handcrafted root beer. With such an amazing variety, you’ll want to slow down and truly savor every sweet satisfying sip.

Product Details

  • 12x 12oz glass bottled root beer variety mix case
  • 12 different classic and artisanal root beer brands
  • Made in the USA by specialty soda bottler Orca Beverage
  • Traditional recipes perfected over generations
  • No artificial ingredients – sweetened with pure cane sugar
  • Vintage-style glass bottles with old fashioned flavor
  • Perfect for sodas aficionados, entertaining or gifting

Bring home the tastes of handcrafted root beer history with this variety 12-pack!


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