AmishTastes Birch Beer Variety Pack- 3 Flavors of Authentic PA Dutch Birch Beer from Kutztown, 96 Oz



Transport your taste buds to the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country with the AmishTastes Birch Beer Variety Pack. This sampler includes three delicious flavors of old-fashioned birch beer, crafted in Kutztown, PA using a century-old family recipe.

Savor the Unique Flavor of Birch Oil

Unlike mass-produced sodas, real birch beer gets its distinctive flavor from birch oil, derived from birch bark. This gives it a sweet yet earthy taste unlike any other soft drink. AmishTastes uses only natural birch oil, never artificial substitutes, for authentic flavor in every sip.

The star of this variety pack is their original Amish-style Birch Beer. Crisp and refreshing, it has notes of wintergreen and a smooth vanilla-like finish. Lighter than root beer, it makes a perfect summer treat.

If you prefer lighter fruit flavors, try the White Birch Beer. Infused with juicy apple extracts, it tastes like carbonated apple cider with a hint of birch. A local favorite in eastern Pennsylvania.

Rounding out the trio is Diet Birch Beer, sweetened with Splenda so you can enjoy the birch flavor without the calories and carbs. It retains the full, rich taste of regular birch beer.

Handcrafted in Small Batches

AmishTastes birch beer is proudly produced in Kutztown, located in Pennsylvania’s picturesque Dutch Country. They brew their soda in small batches using old-fashioned kettles, not mass assembly lines. This gives each bottle an artisanal quality you won’t find in big name brands.

The birch oil is sustainably sourced from black birch trees tapped right in Pennsylvania. And they sweeten their soda the traditional way, with pure cane sugar. You’ll never find high fructose corn syrup or other artificial ingredients.

Historic Pennsylvania Dutch Recipe

Birch beer has been a staple of Pennsylvania Dutch culture for generations. AmishTastes uses an original old-order Amish recipe that’s remained unchanged for over a century. They’ve simply scaled up production while keeping the homemade flavor intact.

In the late 1800’s, Amish homesteads would make birch beer for festivals, barn raisings, and other community events. Now you can enjoy this heritage recipe no matter where you live. It’s a refreshing taste of history in every bottle!

Shelf-Stable and Ready to Enjoy

AmishTastes Birch Beer Variety Pack includes four 32oz glass bottles, 96 ounces total. The bottles are twice sealed for freshness – capped with a swing-top lid then wrapped in a protective seal.

The soda is shelf-stable and ready to drink. There’s no need to refrigerate until opening. Keep some bottles in your pantry and fridge one to enjoy right away.

Double-Boxed for Safe Shipping

To ensure the bottles arrive intact, the variety pack is shipped in two sturdy cardboard boxes. The inner box cradles each bottle in a divider so they don’t knock against each other. The outer box adds an extra layer of protection.

Once they’re opened, the swing-top bottles are reusable. Enjoy the sodas then clean and sterilize the bottles to use again. The glass bottles give you a sustainable way to keep enjoying these Pennsylvania Dutch favorites.

Free Shipping Right to Your Doorstep

Order the AmishTastes Birch Beer Variety Pack today and enjoy free shipping straight to your doorstep. Available exclusively from AmishTastes, these sodas can’t be found in stores.

Treat yourself to a flight of authentic PA Dutch birch beer flavors. It makes a wonderful gift for a birch beer lover or anyone who enjoys American heritage foods and beverages.

Discover All Three Varieties of AmishTastes Birch Beer:

Amish-Style Birch Beer – The original, old-fashioned flavor. Crisp and refreshing with notes of wintergreen.

White Birch Beer – Juicy apple extracts give this birch beer a lighter, fruitier taste. A local PA Dutch favorite.

Diet Birch Beer – Sweetened with Splenda to reduce calories and carbs without sacrificing flavor.

With the AmishTastes Variety Pack, you can enjoy all three flavors side-by-side and discover your perfect birch beer. It’s like a taste tour of Pennsylvania Dutch soda, delivered straight to your door. Get yours today!


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