Appalachian Root Beer Soda 12oz Cans (24 Pack)



Treat yourself to the rich, sweet taste of old fashioned homemade root beer with Appalachian’s premium soda. Made with pure cane sugar, vanilla, honey and natural flavors, these 12oz cans capture the nostalgic flavor of classic root beer lovingly crafted in small batches.

Each sip features the perfect blend of spices like anise, wintergreen and sassafras that dance on your taste buds. The mellow vanilla notes mingle with sweet, creamy honey for a smooth finish. You’ll be transported back in time with every bubbly drink of this handcrafted root beer soda!

All Natural Ingredients

Appalachian uses only the finest natural ingredients to create their signature root beer recipe:

  • Pure Cane Sugar – The sweetener of choice for old time soda fountains, pure cane sugar imparts a subtly different flavor than corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. You’ll notice the difference in the smooth, rich taste.
  • Vanilla Extract – A touch of vanilla adds a pleasant aroma and aromatic flavor notes.
  • Natural Honey – The addition of honey lends a creamy, velvety texture and flavor perfect for rounding out the spices.
  • Proprietary Blend of Roots, Herbs & Spices – This includes traditional root beer ingredients like sassafras, wintergreen, anise seed and more. The exact blend is a closely guarded secret!

Made without artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or GMOs, this root beer is a classic all-natural soda you can feel good about sipping.

Crafted in Small Batches

Appalachian Root Beer is lovingly crafted in 12oz cans at their small batch soda brewery in the Appalachian mountains. Each recipe starts with a simple syrup, brewed from natural roots, herbs and spices steeped to perfection. This strong “root tea” packs the authentic flavor you’d get from homemade root beer.

The artisanal syrup is then combined with pure cane sugar, vanilla and honey in their vintage blending tanks. Each batch of root beer is carefully carbonated, tested for quality and hand packaged into 12oz cans. This small batch process captures incredible flavor in every can!

Traditional Glass Bottling

For an extra nostalgic treat, you can also find Appalachian Root Beer in their traditional glass bottle packs. Enjoy an authentic vintage soda fountain experience right from home!

The old fashioned long neck glass bottles come in 6 packs of 10oz servings. Pop off the metal cap and hear the satisfying psst sound as you pour this bubbly root beer into your ice cold mug. The glass bottles enhance the flavors and let you display these craft sodas.

Perfect Alone or as a Float

Ice cold Appalachian Root Beer is delightfully refreshing straight from the can or bottle. For a more indulgent experience, use it to make a classic root beer float!

Simply scoop two large scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream into your chilled mug. Very slowly pour the root beer over the back of a spoon to gently layer on top of the ice cream. Top with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry for a nostalgic treat!

The cold, creamy ice cream perfectly complements the spices in the root beer. Each sip will take you back to the corner soda fountain on a hot summer’s day.

Taste the Appalachian Difference

Appalachian uses time-honored recipes and quality ingredients for all their handcrafted sodas. The sweet, old fashioned flavor of their small batch root beer makes it stand out from the mass produced alternatives. With every sip of this premium craft soda, you’ll taste the Appalachian difference!

Bring home the taste of authentic homemade root beer with a case of Appalachian’s 12oz cans today. It makes a wonderful gift for the root beer aficionado in your life.


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