Bar Harbor Wild-Caught Haddock Fish Stock – Authentic Maine Seafood Flavor in a Jar



Transport your cooking to the rugged coastline of Maine with Bar Harbor fish stock, crafted from freshly caught Atlantic haddock and aromatic vegetables. This ready-to-use fish stock distills the essence of Maine seafood into each and every jar.

Wild-Caught Haddock from Maine’s Pristine Waters

At the heart of Bar Harbor’s fish stock is tender, flaky haddock filleted just off the docks of Maine. The cold, deep waters of the Atlantic yield haddock with bright white flesh and sweet, mild flavor. Unlike farmed fish, the haddock is wild-caught according to sustainable fishing practices that preserve the bounty of Maine’s waters.

Simmered with Fresh Vegetables and White Wine

To complement the fresh haddock, Bar Harbor adds a medley of aromatic vegetables like celery, onions, carrots, and garlic. A splash of California white wine provides a delicate fruitiness. Slow simmering extracts the essences of the haddock and vegetables into a concentrated homemade fish stock.

Packaged in Small Batches, Filled with Flavor

Bar Harbor produces their fish stock in small, carefully crafted batches to ensure consistency and quality. Each 15 oz. jar contains the equivalent of 1.5 pounds of fish and vegetables reduced down to a rich, savory fish stock. The flavors marry and intensify during simmering so you enjoy maximum taste in every spoonful.

Versatile Culinary Base for Seafood Dishes

Use Bar Harbor’s wild-caught haddock stock as an umami-rich foundation for all kinds of seafood recipes:

  • Seafood risotto – Intensify the flavors of shrimp, scallops or any seafood with stock instead of water.
  • Seafood pasta – Boil pasta in diluted stock and toss with fish fillets or shellfish.
  • Seafood stews and chowders – Build depth of flavor with the stock as your base.
  • Poached fish – Gently poach fillets in heated fish stock.
  • Seafood soup – Thin out with water for a quick fish soup broth.

The mild taste lets the flavors of whatever seafood you add shine through while contributing savory depth and aroma.

Quality Ingredients from Dock to Jar

Bar Harbor controls every step of their fish stock’s journey – from sustainably caught Atlantic haddock to the handcrafted simmering process. There are no mystery ingredients or additives – just wholesome fish, vegetables, spices, and wine. The stock contains no preservatives, added coloring, MSG, artificial flavors, or trans fats.

Family Fishing Legacy Since 1917

For over a century, the Bar Harbor family has been preserving the bounty of Maine’s waters while respecting traditional values and practices. Four generations have continued the commitment to quality, local ingredients and small-batch production. Their tried-and-true recipes make the most of each fresh Atlantic haddock catch.

Easy Seafood Enhancement from Your Pantry

Keep a few jars of Bar Harbor fish stock in your pantry for whenever inspiration for seafood dishes strikes. Pop open a jar to instantly infuse soups, grains, sauces and more with the essence of Maine haddock.

Let the stock’s homemade flavor and aroma transport you to the majestic coastline of Maine. Bring the taste of just-caught seafood to your family’s meals any night of the week.

Sustainable, Wild-Caught Seafood from America’s Lobster Capital

Indulge in quality, guilt-free seafood thanks to Bar Harbor’s commitment to sustainability. Their haddock stock is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council to provide traceability back to sustainable fishing practices off the coast of Maine – the lobster capital of America.

Make Every Recipe a Taste of Vacation

You don’t have to be on vacation in Bar Harbor to enjoy authentic coastal Maine seafood. Transform ordinary grains, sauces, chowders and more with the rich flavor of Maine haddock stock. A dash of this liquid gold can transport your cooking to the clear waters, salty breezes, and fresh catches of Maine.

Let Bar Harbor stock awaken your inner chef with inspired seafood dishes that taste like an oceanfront getaway. Delight family and friends with the flavors of Maine no matter where you call home.


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