BB’s Lucky 13 – A Certified Cajun Spice Blend



Experience the robust flavors of New Orleans with BB’s Lucky 13 Cajun spice blend. This aromatic mix packs a punch of 13 herbs and spices that add a distinctive kick to any dish. Just a dash will infuse your food with the essence of true Cajun cuisine.

This proprietary blend was certified by the Louisiana State Legislature as an authentic Cajun seasoning. It contains a perfect medley of peppers, garlic, herbs and other spices that come together to create a wonderfully complex flavor profile. A little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, and totally delicious.

Ingredients Worthy of the Big Easy

Transport your taste buds straight to the French Quarter with these iconic Cajun ingredients:

  • Paprika – For a vibrant red hue and mild sweetness
  • Oregano – Earthy notes and zesty flavor
  • Black Pepper – A punch of heat
  • Onion Powder – Savory aromatics
  • Garlic Powder – Rich, roasted flavor
  • Cayenne Pepper – A fiery kick
  • White Pepper – Interesting complexity
  • Thyme – Woodsy notes
  • Basil – Fresh herbal aroma
  • Bay Leaves – Fragrant and floral
  • Mustard Powder – Tangy bite
  • Coriander – Citrusy and bright
  • Celery Seed – An earthy touch

The Taste of NOLA in Every Bite

This spice blend makes it easy to infuse Cajun character into everyday cooking. Just a dash will impart the signature New Orleans flavor combo of savory, spicy and slightly sweet. Liven up eggs, meats, vegetables, pasta, popcorn and more with the taste of BB’s Lucky 13.

Rub it on chicken or fish before grilling or baking. Sprinkle it onto steaks or chops before searing. Blend it into ground beef or turkey for Cajun-style burgers. Mix it into cornbread or muffin batter. Add it to boiled peanuts or roasted nuts for a kick of flavor. The possibilities are endless!

Made by a Louisiana Seasoning Expert

BB’s Lucky 13 was created by Louisiana native Bennie Blades. Bennie grew up enjoying Cajun cooking and always wanted to share the iconic flavors of his home state with others. After retiring from football, he poured his passion into perfecting this spice blend.

It took over 50 formulations until he nailed the ideal balance of 13 herbs and spices. The result is a versatile, well-rounded blend that instantly livens up any dish. Bennie is proud to bring the taste of his beloved region to kitchens everywhere.

Certified Authentic Cajun Flavor

Unlike mass-produced imitations, BB’s Lucky 13 is the real deal. In 2013, it was officially recognized by the Louisiana legislature as an authentic Cajun seasoning blend. The certification verifies that it contains staple regional ingredients and imparts the distinctive flavor profile associated with NOLA cuisine.

This sets BB’s Lucky 13 apart from generic “Cajun” blends that use lots of salt but lack the complexity of true Creole cooking. With quality ingredients, balanced flavor, and an official certification, this is a cut above standard supermarket spice shakers.

Convenient Shaker Bottle

This 7 oz shaker bottle makes it easy to sprinkle the perfect amount of spice. Just give it a shake and drizzle as desired over meat, vegetables, eggs, pasta and more. The grind size is optimized for excellent adhesion and even coating.

The shaker bottle is reusable and recyclable. When empty, simply refill it with more Lucky 13 to enjoy again and again. The tight seal ensures lasting freshness and prevents spills in storage.

This jar contains enough blend to flavor dozens of meals for the whole family. A little goes a long way thanks to the highly concentrated formula.

Take a Taste Tour of NOLA

With BB’s Lucky 13 Cajun Spice Blend, there’s no need to book a trip to capture the flavors of New Orleans. This certified blend makes it easy to infuse Cajun character into everyday cooking. The aroma is incredible and the flavor is unbeatable.

Just a dash of this iconic 13-herb mixture adds a kick of complex savory-spicy-sweet that will liven up any dish. Enjoy a taste of Louisiana’s rich culinary heritage in your own kitchen with BB’s Lucky 13!


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