Beaver Deli Mild Horseradish Sauce – 12 oz Squeeze Bottle



Experience the quintessential horseradish flavor in a smooth, mild squeeze bottle sauce from Beaver Deli. Our gourmet horseradish sauce is crafted from fresh horseradish root and real sour cream for a perfectly balanced, versatile condiment.

Flavor That Packs a Subtle Punch

Beaver Deli mild horseradish sauce marries the unmistakable bite of freshly ground horseradish with a mellow, creamy base. We use only the finest horseradish root, sourced when the essential oils are at their peak for full flavor.

Our skilled artisans gently process the horseradish to preserve those aromatic, pungent notes. Then we blend it with real sour cream to create a smooth, spoonable sauce with a subtle nose-tingling kick.

The result is a gourmet horseradish condiment with layers of tangy flavor but none of the harshness of straight horseradish. Just a beautiful balance that enhances any food without overpowering it.

Versatile Condiment, So Many Uses

With its mild profile, Beaver Deli horseradish sauce can spice up your favorite dishes in so many ways:

  • Spread on sandwiches and burgers for a tangy flavor boost
  • Mix into cocktail sauce for shrimp, seafood and crudites
  • Blend into dressings, dips and marinades
  • Dollop onto steaks, roasts and smoked meats
  • Stir into mashed potatoes or potato salad
  • Drizzle over baked vegetables like beets, asparagus and broccoli

The possibilities are endless! Use it anywhere you want a subtle horseradish kick.

Quality Ingredients

At Beaver Deli, we believe in using only the best ingredients to craft our premium condiments. Our mild horseradish sauce contains:

  • Fresh horseradish root – Gives the sauce its quintessential flavor
  • Real sour cream – Provides a rich, smooth base
  • Kosher salt and white vinegar – Seasons and preserves the sauce naturally
  • Onion and garlic – Add aromatic depth
  • Spices and herbs – Complement and balance the horseradish

That’s it – just simple, high-quality ingredients blended to perfection. We never use artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or thickeners. Our horseradish sauce is Non-GMO, gluten free and OU kosher certified.

Convenient Squeeze Bottle

This 12 oz horseradish sauce comes in a squeeze bottle for ultimate convenience. Just give it a shake before serving, then squeeze out as much or as little as you need – no spoon required!

The plastic bottle won’t break and allows you to get every last drop of our delicious horseradish. It’s ideal for table service, picnics, potlucks, or anywhere on-the-go.

Horseradish Made Easy

Quit struggling with grating fresh horseradish in your kitchen. Our ready-to-use mild horseradish sauce lets you enjoy the wonderful flavor whenever you want.

Just a few squeezes can transform sandwiches, seafood, smoked meats, salads, veggies and more. Taste the Beaver Deli difference today!

Click “Add to Cart” now to have our quality mild horseradish sauce delivered right to your door. Your new favorite condiment awaits!


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