Beer Flavored Powder for Fondue, Chili, Breads – Non-Alcoholic Kosher Seasoning



Add rich, malty beer flavor to fondue, chili, breads, and more with this non-alcoholic beer flavored powder! Made with natural ingredients and kosher certified, this versatile seasoning enhances cheeses, meats, veggies, and any recipe calling for that distinctive beer taste.

Amp Up Cheese Fondue with Malty, Hoppy Goodness

Transform basic cheese fondue into a drool-worthy party pleaser! Just a pinch or two of beer powder balanced out the stringy cheese, taking it from flat and one-note to complex and craveable. The malt extract provides deep, toasty flavor that makes the cheese really sing. A hint of hops adds just enough bitterness to keep things interesting. Dip crusty bread, steamed veggies, seared steak tips…the possibilities are endless with this handy seasoning!

Pump Up the Flavor in Hearty Chili

Looking to add warm, complex flavors to chili that get everyone begging for seconds? A dash of beer powder gives a rich, malty backbone that perfectly complements the spices and smoky meat. The subtle bitterness plays well with sweet tomatoes, onions, and peppers. An extra sprinkle on top as garnish adds even more craveable flavor. Try it in turkey, beef, or vegetarian chili recipes.

Bake Better Bread with Malty, Bitter Notes

For next-level homemade bread, add a teaspoon or two of beer powder to the dough. As it bakes, the beer notes spread throughout, giving a delicious malty aroma and complex flavor. The subtle bitterness balances the sweetness from grains and adds an extra dimension. Fantastic in wheat breads, sourdough, pretzel bread, and more. Sprinkle on top of rolls or loaves for an extra punch of flavor.

Boost Flavor Without the Alcohol

You’ll get all the taste of real beer without the alcohol when you use this seasoning. Made with malt extract and natural beer flavoring, it provides the distinctive malty, hoppy notes beer is known for. But unlike actual beer, it won’t inhibit yeast growth when added to bread doughs. It’s also safe for those avoiding alcohol. Shake on popcorn, baked potatoes, fries, wings, nachos – anywhere you want bold beer flavor.

Kosher Certified and Made with Natural Ingredients

This seasoning is certified kosher pareve, making it suitable for both meat and dairy dishes. It contains just three simple, natural ingredients – maltodextrin, malt extract, and natural flavors. There are no artificial colors, MSG, fillers, or preservatives. We avoid additives and keep quality high by hand packing all our products in small batches. Taste the difference with our premium spice!

Convenient Shaker Jar for Easy Use

The beer powder comes in a 2.7 ounce shaker jar, perfect for sprinkling on foods or measuring out precise amounts. The wide mouth accommodates most measuring spoons. Or use the flip-top shaker holes to liberally shake on seasoning right from the jar. The clear jar shows the powder’s rich tan color and lets you see when you’re running low.

Savory Uses for Beer Powder

Get creative with this versatile seasoning! Dash it on:

– Popcorn, fries, chips, pretzels
– Wings, pizza, nachos, dips
– Roast chicken, pork, beef
– Grilled veggies, baked potatoes
– Mac and cheese, stews, chowders
– Pretzel rolls, breadsticks, baked goods

Makes an Unique Gift for Beer Lovers

Looking for a great edible gift idea for beer aficionados? This seasoning is sure to impress with its unique flavor profile. Sprinkle on snacks for game day, add to favorite recipes, or include it as part of a beer lover’s gift basket. The gourmet shaker jar makes a fantastic stocking stuffer, groomsman gift, or housewarming present.

Flavor You Can Trust

We’re passionate about delivering the purest flavor possible. Our spices come directly from the source, are freshly packed, and stay true to their natural origins. We never use additives, fillers, MSG, or preservatives. You can trust the quality and taste of our hand-packed products.

Give recipes a flavor boost with the convenience, versatility and rich taste of beer powder. This kosher, non-alcoholic seasoning adds malty, hoppy goodness to fondue, chili, bread, chicken, and so much more. Made with quality ingredients and real beer notes, a jar of this specialty seasoning should be a staple in every beer lover’s kitchen!


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