BELEAF Spicy Vegan Jerky – Savory Plant-Based Protein Snack



Satisfy your spicy jerky cravings with the delicious plant-based jerky from BELEAF. This meatless jerky alternative packs the same savory, smoky flavor and satisfying chewy texture as traditional jerky, but is made entirely from wholesome plant-based ingredients.

A Nutritious Vegan Snack

BELEAF’s vegan jerky is a great source of plant-based protein to help keep you fueled and satisfied. Each serving contains 10g of protein from peas and rice, with no cholesterol or saturated fat. This snack is also packed with fiber to support healthy digestion.

The ingredients list contains no animal products, so this jerky is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It’s also free from dairy, soy, gluten and GMOs.

Savory Smoky Flavor

Recreating the iconic smoky, savory flavor of jerky with plant-based ingredients is no easy feat, but BELEAF nailed it with their vegan jerky. They use an umami-rich blend of shiitake mushrooms and tomato powder to impart that savory meaty taste.

Natural hickory smoke flavor gives it authentic smoky jerky aroma and flavor. A blend of spices like paprika, garlic and onion powder ramp up the savory flavor even more. A touch of cayenne pepper adds just the right amount of heat.

Tender and Chewy Texture

The chewy, meaty texture of jerky is almost as important as the flavor. Fortunately, BELEAF’s vegan jerky delivers on both fronts. They use a proprietary texture process to give the jerky strips that satisfying chewy, tender bite just like real meat jerky.

The jerky comes in wide, meaty strips that are perfect for snacking and easy to eat on-the-go. These strips have just the right amount of flexibility to wrap around other fillings and ingredients too.

Convenient and Portable

BELEAF’s vegan jerky comes in a lightweight 7 oz bag that’s easy to toss into a backpack, purse or glove compartment. The resealable bag keeps the jerky fresh during storage.

This shelf-stable snack requires no refrigeration, making it ideal for road trips, hiking, camping, travel and other adventures. It’s a handy protein-packed snack to have on-hand when you need nutritious fuel.

Endless Snacking Ideas

This versatile vegan jerky isn’t just for eating out of the bag. Get creative with recipes and snack ideas:

– Wrap strips of jerky around apple or pear slices for a sweet and savory combo.
– Use crumbled jerky as a protein-packed salad topping.
– Stuff jerky strips into a pita or wrap with veggies and hummus.
– Layer jerky strips on a charcuterie snack board.
– Chop jerky into snackable pieces to top nachos or baked potatoes.
– Crumble into tomato sauce or on top of pizza.

An Ethical and Sustainable Snack

You can feel good about making BELEAF vegan jerky part of your snacking routine. The jerky contains no animal products and is never tested on animals.

These snacks are also better for the environment. Making plant-based protein requires significantly fewer natural resources than meat-based protein.

Discover the Perfect Vegan Jerky

If you love the flavor of jerky but avoid meat, try the BELEAF Spicy Vegan Jerky. This innovative snack captures the iconic texture and smoky taste of jerky using only plant-based ingredients. Each satisfying and protein-packed bite will make you forget it’s vegan!


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