Black Bull Baltic Rye Bread – Dense, Hearty Old World Flavor (2 Loaf Pack)



Discover the robust richness of authentic Baltic rye bread from Black Bull Bakery. With deep rye flavor and substantial texture, our traditional loaves add Old World character to modern meals.

Crafted with Care Using Time-Tested Techniques

At Black Bull Bakery, we faithfully follow traditional methods to produce genuine Baltic rye bread. We use a natural sourdough starter to slowly ferment the dough, developing tangy flavor. After hand-shaping each loaf, artisan scoring allows the bread to properly bloom in our steam-injected oven. The result is a crusty, fragrant loaf with the distinctive taste and texture only true rye bread offers.

Dense, Hearty Rye Perfect for Topping and Dipping

Take a thick slice of our rye and experience its sturdy yet tender texture. With a dense crumb and rich brown hue, this bread makes the perfect base for piling on cold cuts, cheese, or spreads. Dip crusty corners into hummus, beef stew, or your favorite soup. Our authentic Black Bull Baltic Rye brings satisfying substance and visual appeal to the table.

Full-Bodied 45% Rye Flavor in Every Bite

This is no limp, flavorless bread trying to impersonate rye. Ours boasts a remarkable 45% rye grain content, yielding an assertive, unmistakable rye taste. The earthy, slightly sour tang envelops your senses. With a subtle sweetness rounding out the robust profile, our Baltic Rye offers a multidimensional flavor experience in every chewy slice.

Versatile and Nutritious Addition to Meals

In addition to its outstanding flavor, our rye bread delivers versatility and nutrition. Enjoy thick slices for breakfast toast, sturdy sandwiches at lunch, and alongside dinner entrees. Each serving provides satisfying whole grains, fiber, and essential nutrients without artificial ingredients. Black Bull Rye brings wholesome goodness from starter to table.

Perfect for Gift Giving and Entertaining

Share our old world rye with friends, family and dinner guests! The naturally long shelf life makes our loaves an ideal gift. Surprise the bread lover in your life with the gift of authentic bakery flavor. Serve Black Bull Rye at your next party for a sophisticated appetizer presentation. Rye’s visual appeal and dipping ability make it perfect for entertaining.

45 Day Shelf Life and Freezing Instructions Included

We bake our Baltic Rye in small batches throughout the day, seal it, and rush it to your door to ensure freshness. Each loaf includes freezing and storage instructions to help you enjoy it at peak flavor. Keep it in the fridge to maximize the 45-day shelf life, or freeze loaves to savor our authentic rye for months to come.

Baked in NYC Using 100% Natural Ingredients

Our bread is lovingly crafted from scratch in family-owned bakeries in New York City, the rye bread capital of America. We use simple, high-quality ingredients: rye flour, wheat flour, water, salt, and starter. With zero trans fat and no artificial additives, you can feel good serving Black Bull Bread. Taste generations of baking mastery in every authentic bite.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind every loaf that leaves our ovens, guaranteeing your satisfaction. If you aren’t completely happy with our Baltic Rye for any reason, let us know and we’ll make it right. We want you coming back for loaf after loaf of the most flavorful rye around.

Bring Old World Flavor Home Today

With its artisan quality and time-honored tradition, our Baltic Rye takes any meal to the next level. Click Add to Cart now to have two hearty loaves shipped straight to your door. With Black Bull Bakery, you’ll enjoy authentic rye taste from the first satisfying slice to the very last.


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