Black IPA Homebrew Ingredient Kit – American Style Ale



Brew a Roasty, Hoppy Black India Pale Ale at Home

This complete Black IPA homebrew ingredient kit contains everything you need to craft a riff on the classic India pale ale – with a dark twist. The included specialty grains like roasted barley and Carafa malt lend a deep black color and moderate roast character, while generous late hop additions provide a solid bitter kick. With this kit you’ll brew 5 gallons of a uniquely styled Black IPA with robust hop flavor.

Included in the Kit

  • Pre-milled grain bill – Pale ale malt, Carafa malt, roasted barley, crystal malt
  • Chinook, Cascade, Centennial and Amarillo hop pellets
  • Dry ale yeast
  • Priming sugar for bottle conditioning
  • Brewing instructions with tips for perfect Black IPA

With these fresh ingredients and detailed directions, crafting your own Black IPA is fast and foolproof.

Brewing Overview

This American style Black IPA balances moderate roast character with a firm, West Coast hop bitterness. Brew day is simple:

  1. Steep specialty grains for color, flavor and aroma
  2. Remove grains then bring liquid to a boil and add bittering hops
  3. Add roasted grains and boil for 60 minutes
  4. Finish with late kettle hop additions for flavor and aroma
  5. Cool, pitch yeast and ferment for 1-2 weeks
  6. Add priming sugar and bottle condition for 2 weeks

In-depth brewing instructions take you through every step.

Flavor Profile

This Black IPA packs the expected IPA hoppiness along with unique roasted malt qualities:

  • Pronounced hop aroma with tropical, citrus and pine notes
  • Assertive hop flavor with medium-high bitterness
  • Mild roasted coffee and dark chocolate flavors
  • Balancing caramel malt sweetness
  • Dry, slightly roasty finish

It delivers a perfect blend of India pale ale hop intensity and black ale roast character.

Pairing Suggestions

The roast and hops allow for great food pairings:

  • Bacon double cheeseburger
  • Blackened catfish
  • Chocolate espresso cake
  • Pulled pork sandwich
  • Aged gouda cheese

Roasty qualities complement rich meats, while hops cut through fat and spice.

Brew Your Own Black IPA

This complete Black IPA homebrew ingredient kit takes the complexity out of crafting this unique hybrid ale. With provided ingredients and detailed brewing guidance, you’ll be kegging delicious Black India pale ale in no time. Order your Black IPA kit today!


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