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Get a taste of authentic Australian root beer with Bundaberg’s smooth, malty brew. This fizzy drink offers a unique twist on classic root beer made by the famous ginger beer company from Down Under. The 50.8 ounce glass bottle contains pure cane sugar for an unbeatable flavor you won’t find anywhere else.

Bundaberg’s expert brewers started crafting world-class beverages back in 1960. Today, the company exports their ginger beer and other sodas worldwide so anyone can enjoy the refreshingly different flavors. This root beer combines hints of vanilla and wintergreen oil that give it a distinct character not like American or European root beers.

Crafted from Local Australian Ingredients

Bundaberg Root Beer features high quality ingredients sourced right from Australia. Each batch starts with pure filtered water and a malt extract made from Queensland barley. This gives the root beer an unmistakably rich, malty taste.

Natural cane sugar adds sweetness without overpowering the other flavors. Extracts of vanilla and wintergreen create notes of spice and mint that complement the malted barley. Small additions of local ginger and licorice round out the flavor profile.

The root beer is slowly brewed and aged to let the ingredients fully marry. This careful process allows the complex blend of flavors to shine through in the finished soda.

Perfectly Balanced Fizzy Flavor

Take a sip and enjoy the bubbly effervescence and smooth drinkability. Bundaberg Root Beer has the perfect balance of sweetness, carbonation, and intriguing flavors. It starts with prominent vanilla aromas before the malted taste hits your tongue.

The initial malty-vanilla sweetness gives way to a hint of anise from the licorice that rounds out the flavor. Subtle notes of ginger and wintergreen add complexity without overpowering the core root beer taste. Each chilled sip ends clean with no sticky aftertaste.

This root beer makes an excellent thirst-quenching treat on a hot day. Keep plenty of bottles chilled in the fridge for whenever cravings strike.

Authentic Australian Soda Importing

As an Australian import, this hard-to-find soda makes a unique addition to any root beer lover’s collection. The iconic Bundaberg branding looks great displayed in any cafe, pub, or kitchen. It also makes a thoughtful gift for globetrotters and anyone fascinated by Australia.

The root beer ships directly from Australia to ensure every bottle arrives in peak condition. Excellent inventory management ensures you always get the freshest, fizziest soda possible.

Try this genuine Aussie beverage without the airfare halfway across the world! It brings a taste of Queensland straight to your home thanks to convenient international delivery.

Bundaberg – Trusted Brewer Since 1960

Bundaberg has been crafting their signature brews from the small Australian town of Bundaberg for over 50 years. It all started with Bundaberg Ginger Beer, which quickly became an iconic Aussie drink.

Today, Bundaberg exports their ginger beer and other sodas like root beer around the world. They still use local ingredients and uphold their reputation for quality. You can taste the care and tradition in every sip.

Pick up this hard-to-find import to enjoy a true taste of Australian soda-crafting tradition. The malty vanilla flavor with a hint of licorice and wintergreen makes a unique addition to any root beer fanatic’s collection.

Product Details

  • 50.8 ounce glass bottle
  • Crafted in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
  • Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Cane Sugar, Flavour, Malt Extract, Color (150d), Licorice Extract, Ginger Extract
  • Unique Australian take on classic root beer
  • Malted barley flavor with hints of ginger, licorice, and wintergreen
  • retro Bundaberg branding looks great displayed

Treat your taste buds to an authentic spin on old-fashioned root beer from halfway across the world. Pick up Bundaberg’s Root Beer today and share a refreshing taste of Australia!


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