Ceruza Osoony Seafood Snack Variety Pack – Roasted Squid in 3 Savory Flavors



Treat yourself to the tantalizing flavors of the sea with this variety pack of Ceruza Osoony roasted squid snacks. This Japanese snack favorite contains 4 pouches of roasted squid, each with a mouthwatering flavor that will transport your tastebuds.

Savor the Savory Goodness of Roasted Squid

This seafood snack features tender, lightly roasted squid that has been seasoned to perfection. Each pouch contains small squid rings that are full of rich, savory flavor in every bite. The squid retains its delightful chewy texture that is so satisfying to snack on.

This is not your average calamari! It takes skill to roast squid just right so it reaches peak tenderness without becoming rubbery. Ceruza Osoony has perfected the art of air-roasting squid at precise temperatures that caramelize the natural sugars and intensify the sweet brininess of the seafood.

Three Irresistible Flavors in One Convenient Pack

This variety pack allows you to sample three mouthwatering roasted squid flavors:

Sweet & Spicy: A blend of honey and hot chili creates the perfect balance of sweet heat. You’ll get a touch of sweetness followed by a slow building spiciness that keeps you reaching for more. The contrast of flavors adds exciting dimension to the savory squid.

Teriyaki: Sweet and umami teriyaki glaze perfectly complements the hearty squid. The ginger adds a light zing while the sesame accents each tender morsel with nuttiness. A soy sauce base united the flavors in a crave-worthy way.

Sea Salt: Simple, light sea salt seasoning allows the natural briny flavor of the squid to shine. A dusting of salt enhances the sweetness of the tender seafood. The clean taste profile makes this flavor ultra snackable.

With three flavors in each multipack, you can switch up the flavors to keep your snacking adventures exciting. It also makes for perfect sharing at parties or social gatherings. Offer guests a taste of multiple roasted squid flavors in one package.

Authentic Japanese Snack Straight from the Source

As a popular Japanese snack, roasted squid is a staple in the Osoony region, where Ceruza Osoony is proudly produced. The coastal location allows them to source high-quality squid freshly caught in the waters of the northwest Pacific Ocean.

The light roasting method preserves the ocean-fresh flavor of the squid while coaxing out its best qualities. Ceruza Osoony uses traditional techniques perfected by generations of Japanese snack makers to craft this crave-worthy seafood treat.

By importing these pouches directly from the source in Japan, you can experience authentic Osoony-style roasted squid right at home. It’s the next best thing to visiting the fishing villages yourself.

Satisfying Crunch Anywhere, Anytime

With its supremely snackable size and texture, this roasted squid packs some serious crunch that hits the spot anytime. Keep a pouch in your bag for a protein-packed snack on the go. The squid retains its delightful texture so you get that same satisfying crunch wherever you munch.

The single-serve pouches make portion control a breeze. When you need a salty, savory bite, just tear open a pack for instant gratification. The resealable pouch ensures freshness and contains any mess.

Stash these flavor-packed pouches in your work desk, car, backpack, or wherever you like easy access to a fulfilling snack. The lightweight pouches won’t weigh you down while bringing joy to your day.

Shelf-Stable Convenience

This roasted squid snack requires no refrigeration, making it super convenient to store anywhere. The pouches have an airtight seal to lock in freshness and flavor. Each pack contains 4.23 oz of seasoned squid.

Once opened, it’s recommended you consume within 5 days for maximum freshness and flavor. You can store opened pouches in the fridge or freezer to help extend the shelf life.

With its extended shelf stability, you can stock up on this roasted squid snack while it’s in stock. At under $3 a pouch when you buy a multipack, this gourmet snack is an affordable way to add excitement to your snacking routine.

Tantalize Your Tastebuds with Savory Seafood

Ceruza Osoony Roasted Squid Snack Variety Pack offers a delicious medley of flavors in one convenient package. Sink your teeth into tender roasted squid brimming with sweet, spicy, teriyaki, and salty goodness in every bite. With its satisfying crunch and authentic Japanese flavors, this savory seafood snack will win over taste buds and leave you craving more ocean-fresh flavor.


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