ChallahGram Gifts Kosher Raisin Challah Bread – Traditional Jewish Braided Bread for Shabbat & Holidays



Celebrate Shabbat and Jewish holidays with the taste of tradition! ChallahGram Gifts’ kosher raisin challah bread brings the spirit of community and family to your table. Our fresh, hand-braided loaves are made with care to honor generations of challah baking.

Two braided loaves of raisin challah in each pack
Baked fresh daily with premium ingredients
Kosher certified for dietary restrictions
Shipped fast to your doorstep

Traditional Jewish Braided Bread for Shabbat & Holidays

Challah evokes memories of family, togetherness, and celebration. The braided loaf holds meaning in Jewish culture, gracing Shabbat and holiday tables for centuries. ChallahGram Gifts has mastered the art of challah baking, using time-honored techniques to shape, proof, and bake our loaves. We honor traditions while creating challah that tastes better than any you’ve tried before.

Our raisin challah has a signature sweetness that comes from the perfect balance of ingredients. We use high-quality flour, farm fresh eggs, yeast, sugar, raisins, and a dash of salt. The dough goes through a long proofing process to develop complex flavors before braiding and baking to a beautiful golden brown. Enjoy the taste and aroma of this Kosher challah fresh from our ovens.

Two Braided Loaves Per Package

Each package contains two medium loaves of our raisin challah. The loaves are intricately braided for an impressive presentation fresh out of the oven. Braiding takes skill and we ensure every loaf has the perfect texture and shape. Enjoy one loaf for Friday evening dinner and save the second for Saturday lunch. Or bring a loaf as a gift or offering to share the meaning of Shabbat with others.

Baked Fresh Daily with Premium Ingredients

At ChallahGram Gifts, we go above and beyond to source high-quality ingredients. Our all-natural flour comes from trusted mills in the USA. The eggs, sugar, yeast, and salt are all kosher certified. We add plump, sweet raisins that soften during baking and add pockets of flavor. Every ingredient plays an important role in creating our bakery-style flavor and texture.

Our master bakers work fresh each morning, measuring and mixing premium ingredients. The dough goes through a long proofing and resting process before braiding. This allows time for the yeast to work its magic. Traditional challah pans give the loaves their distinctive shape. Every loaf is baked until the crust reaches a perfect golden brown. The raisins caramelize, adding subtle sweet notes. We cool the loaves completely before packaging to lock in freshness.

Kosher Certified for Dietary Needs

ChallahGram Gifts raisin challah is certified Kosher Pareve by reliable kosher authorities. You can trust our bread meets the highest kosher standards, ideal for those with dietary restrictions. We take great care that:

– No dairy or meat products are used in making the bread. Our bakery is 100% dairy and meat free.

– We use kosher-certified ingredients that are free of non-kosher additives.

– Our equipment and bakery undergo rabbinical supervision.

In addition to being kosher, our challah is:

– Pas Yisroel – no non-Jews participate in the baking process

– Yoshon – made without wheat grown during years when chametz applies

You can enjoy our raisin challah on Shabbat, Passover, and Jewish holidays without worry. Share it with family, friends, synagogues, and community centers. It also makes a thoughtful gift for those with kosher dietary needs.

Ships Fast for Optimal Freshness

ChallahGram Gifts bakes our raisin challah fresh every morning at our bakery. We quickly chill, package, and ship the loaves so you receive optimal freshness. The challah ships frozen with dry ice to arrive cold and ready for your holiday table.

We use dedicated bread bags designed to protect our loaves in transport without damaging the crust. The cold environment preserves the just-baked taste and extend shelf life once thawed. Enjoy fresh raisin challah that tastes like it came straight from the bakery oven.

Thaw the challah overnight in the fridge or a few hours at room temperature. The texture is best if you allow the loaf to come to room temperature before serving. Slice and enjoy this traditional Jewish bread on Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Passover, or whenever you crave bakery-fresh challah!

Honor Traditions with ChallahGram Gifts

Challah connects past to present, evoking nostalgia for simpler times. The ritual of making and sharing challah represents values of community, family, spirituality, hope, and tradition. Our kosher raisin challah loaves celebrate Jewish culture in one of the most delicious ways possible.

We honor generations of challah bakers who came before us and work to carry on their legacy. Our master bakers employ traditional techniques perfected over centuries. At the same time, we use modern food safety controls to create the highest quality product.

ChallahGram Gifts brings hand-braided, kosher challah straight to your doorstep. Now it’s easier than ever to enjoy tradition and make cherished memories. We pride ourselves on excellent service and aim to help all our customers uphold their religious and cultural values.

Order raisin challah from ChallahGram Gifts today for your upcoming Jewish holiday celebrations. Or surprise a loved one with our bakery-fresh loaves as a gift. We ship nationwide, so everyone can experience the taste of tradition, wherever they are. Bring people together through the ritual of breaking and sharing bread. Happy holidays and Shabbat Shalom from our bakery to your home!


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