Dad’s Root Beer Soda 4 Pack, 12 oz Glass Bottles



Treat yourself to the crisp, frosty taste of Dad’s Root Beer in this 4 pack of 12 oz glass bottles. Brewed from select blends of roots, berries and spices, this classic American soda delivers old-fashioned flavor in every sip.

Dad’s Root Beer has been a beloved beverage for families since 1937. With its frothy head and smooth, refreshing flavor profile, you’ll understand why it’s stood the test of time. Each 12 oz glass bottle contains the perfect carbonatedratio for optimal fizz and taste.

Perfect for keeping stocked in the fridge, this soda 4 pack contains 4 individually bottled servings of Dad’s Root Beer. The premium glass bottles retain carbonation better than plastic or cans. They’re also Greener, recyclable and free of BPA and other harsh chemicals.

Whether enjoyed ice cold or as the key ingredient in a creamy root beer float, Dad’s satisfies your craving for nostalgic refreshment. It makes a great gift for root beer aficionados, and provides old-timey charm at BBQs, birthday parties or family gatherings. With its timeless, made-from-scratch flavor, you simply can’t go wrong with the classic taste of Dad’s.


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