DEALGADGETS Ultra-Thin 24W LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light, Round 2200lm 60W Equivalent



Illuminate your home in soft, energy-efficient light with the DEALGADGETS Ultra-Thin 24W LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light. This slim, round fixture provides 2200 lumens of bright white light while using minimal energy.

Ultra-Thin Modern Design

Measuring just 0.94 inches thick, this LED ceiling lamp has a super slim profile that installs nearly flush against your ceiling. The minimalist round casing blends seamlessly into any decor, from contemporary to farmhouse chic. Crisp white plastic housing complements the clean light output.

Despite its thin form, this fixture puts out powerful 2200 lumen lighting comparable to a 60W incandescent bulb. Bathe your space in energy-efficient illumination ideal for kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, and more.

Simple Do-It-Yourself Installation

Installation is a breeze with this user-friendly LED ceiling light. The base is designed to fit 99% of junction boxes for easy mounting. All necessary hardware is included for attaching directly to your ceiling.

No electrician or expert help required! Simply connect the wires and secure the fixture base with the provided screws. The entire install takes 15 minutes or less. Enjoy bright lighting without the headache of complicated assembly.

Eye-Protecting Low Glare Light

The LEDs distribute light evenly across the fixture’s surface, preventing harsh glares. The wide illumination coverage fills rooms with soft, pleasant lighting. No more squinting due to harsh light sources!

With a CRI rating over 80, the balanced LEDs produce light close to natural daylight. Colors and details appear true without the yellowy tinge of inferior lighting. The 6000K crisp white tone energizes your space.

Energy Efficiency Saves You Money

Slash your electric bill with the DEALGADGETS LED flush mount ceiling light. Consuming just 24W of power, it provides the same brightness as outdated 150W incandescent fixtures. This saves over 85% in energy costs for potentially thousands of dollars over the light’s 25,000 hour lifetime.

The LEDs are permanently installed, eliminating the need to replace bulbs. Forget about climbing ladders to change expired lights ever again! Enjoy maintenance-free operation for over a decade.

Safe, Durable Materials

The plastic housing and acrylic lens are shatterproof and built to handle everyday use. Short circuit protection provides peace of mind and prevents dangerous electrical events. Your family stays protected.

Transform any room with brilliant, energy-saving light using the DEALGADGETS Ultra-Thin LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light. Order yours today!


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