Dietz & Watson Deli Mustard with a Kick of Wasabi



Add some zip to your sandwiches and wraps with the amazing wasabi mustard from Dietz & Watson’s Deli Compliments line. This gourmet condiment features a bold blend of spicy wasabi and classic yellow mustard that will bring flavorful heat to any meal.

Each 9 oz glass bottle contains a smooth, pale yellow mustard seasoned with just the right amount of wasabi to give it a delightful nose-clearing kick. Spread it on a roast beef sandwich for a tasty combo of rich meat and spicy mustard. Slather it on a turkey and havarti panini to contrast the mild cheese with the sinus-opening wasabi. Brush it on chicken or fish before grilling to infuse them with bright, peppery flavor. Drizzle it over a salad for a creamy dressing with a bit of a bite. However you use it, this wasabi mustard adds incredible flavor to everyday foods.

Quality Ingredients from a Trusted Deli Brand

Dietz & Watson is a premium deli brand that has been producing high-quality meats, cheeses and condiments since 1939. Based in Philadelphia, they source only the best ingredients to craft their products using family recipes and time-honored traditions.

This wasabi mustard gets its kick from real wasabi powder – not just green food coloring and artificial flavors like some brands. Real wasabi comes from theroot of the wasabia japonica plant and has a much more complex flavor than the imitation stuff. It’s mixed with classic yellow mustard made from mustard seeds, vinegar, and spices for a perfect balance of heat and tang.

Versatile Condiment to Spice Up Any Meal

This wasabi mustard is a flavor powerhouse that can add a gourmet twist to any dish. Here are some creative ways to use it:

  • As a dip for chicken tenders or fingers
  • Slathered on a hot pastrami sandwich
  • Drizzled over deviled eggs
  • Spread on a ham and gruyère croissant
  • Dolloped on top of a veggie bowl
  • Mixed into potato salad or tuna salad
  • As a marinade base for salmon or steak
  • Spiked into mac and cheese
  • Swirled into mashed potatoes
  • Added to roast beef au jus

With its bright, peppery flavor, this wasabi mustard can make even the most basic foods more exciting. Keep a bottle on hand to jazz up weeknight meals, game day snacks, and backyard barbeques.

Convenient Multi-Pack

This listing includes a pack of two 9 ounce glass bottles of Dietz & Watson Deli Compliments Wasabi Mustard. The twin pack is perfect for keeping one in the fridge and another in the pantry so you never run out. It’s also great for bringing one to share at potlucks or parties. The bottles come filled to the top to maximize freshness and flavor.

With its small batch crafting and premium ingredients, this gourmet mustard makes a fantastic gift for any food lover. It’s sure to become a go-to condiment for anyone who enjoys an extra kick of flavor.

Made with Passion in the USA

Dietz & Watson takes pride in producing top-quality deli products made with care right here in America. Their wasabi mustard is prepared in small batches and bottled at their facilities in Philadelphia to ensure freshness and consistency. It’s crafted using old-world techniques that preserve both tradition and taste.

With its blend of real wasabi and yellow mustard seeds, this product balances authentic Japanese flavor with American condiment classics. The addition of wasabi adds a modern twist with its sinus-clearing spiciness that pairs perfectly with all kinds of favorites from sandwiches to dips. It’s sure to become a staple for enhancing meals and snacks.

For those who want a flavor boost from their condiments, Dietz & Watson Deli Compliments Wasabi Mustard delivers. Open a bottle to enjoy gourmet spice and kick in the comfort of your own kitchen.


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