Dohia Reusable PVC Cleaning Gloves – Durable Dishwashing and Household Gloves for All Your Cleaning Needs



Keep your hands clean, dry, and protected during all your household chores with the Dohia Reusable PVC Cleaning Gloves. These heavy-duty gloves are designed for dishwashing, cleaning, laundry, gardening, pet care, car washing, and any other messy jobs around your home.

The high quality PVC material is durable enough for frequent use, while still being flexible and comfortable on your hands. The gloves feature a textured grip pattern on the palms and fingers to provide a non-slip hold on dishes, tools, and other items. No more dropped plates or sponges! The grip allows you to scrub and scour while keeping complete control.

The extra long cuffs on these gloves protect your forearms from splashes and spills. Plunge your hands into sudsy water while keeping your skin and clothing dry. When you’re finished washing up, simply rinse and hang up the gloves to dry – they’re ready for your next chore.

These gloves go on and off with ease thanks to their stretchy wrist openings. Choose from three stylish colors – mint green, lavender purple, or peach pink. The vibrant hues help you designate different pairs for specific tasks.

Reasons to love these reusable PVC cleaning gloves:

Superior Grip: Textured palms and fingers allow you to grip dishes, tools, etc. Wet or dry, you’ll have a reliable, non-slip hold.

Waterproof Protection: Long cuffs keep forearms dry. PVC material keeps hands from getting wrinkled and prune-y during dishwashing.

Heavy-Duty Durability: Made from flexible yet durable PVC that stands up to frequent use. Gloves resist rips, cracks, and wear.

Easy Care: To clean, simply rinse the gloves and hang to dry. No machine washing required.

Stretchy & Comfortable:Stylish Colors: Available in mint green, lavender purple, and peach pink. Coordinate with your kitchen or designate uses.

Multi-purpose: Perfect for dishwashing, household cleaning, pet care, car washing, gardening, and more. Protects hands from chemicals.

These remarkable gloves truly make household chores easier and more pleasant. Your hands stay cleaner and more comfortable compared to bare hands or low-quality gloves. With a contoured grip and waterproof protection, you can scrub every surface faster and with confidence. The durable PVC holds up to daily wear and tear for months of reliable use. Ditch your disposable rubber gloves and upgrade to the Dohia Reusable PVC Cleaning Gloves! We offer a lifetime guarantee andresponsive customer service, so buy with confidence today.


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