El Paeller Wood-Fired Paella Kit – Authentic Spanish Paella Made Easy



For decades, paella has captivated taste buds around the world with its savory medley of rice, saffron, and seafood or vegetables. But traditionally made in a wide, flat pan over an open wood fire, paella is a dish best enjoyed outdoors. Now, thanks to El Paeller, you can savor true Valencian paella from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Paella Perfected by a Valencia Chef

El Paeller paella kits are the brainchild of Rafa Margós, a renowned paella chef in Valencia, Spain. Valencia is the birthplace of paella, so Rafa knows better than anyone how to coax maximum flavor from paella’s iconic ingredients. For El Paeller, he’s harnessed his expertise into convenient paella kits that make Valencian paella accessible anywhere.

Authentic Ingredients, Authentic Technique

Each El Paeller kit provides the essential components for paella perfection:

  • Specially sourced Spanish rice absorbs the surrounding flavors while remaining firm yet tender.
  • A ready-made broth infused with smoky, aromatic wood-fire flavor forms the cooking base.
  • For seafood paella, the broth contains shrimp, crab, cuttlefish, and more coastal Spanish delicacies.
  • The vegetarian version has a medley of garden-fresh produce like mushrooms, garlic, and red peppers.

Follow the simple instructions to combine the ingredients in your pan and ignite the flames of flavor. In just 18 minutes, you’ll be enjoying paella just like in Spain.

Paella for the Whole Family

El Paeller paella kits yield 3 generous servings in a single batch, so you can share this famous dish with friends and family. Kids and adults alike will love digging into the colorful paella loaded with tasty morsels nestled in fragrant saffron rice.

The kits work with any round carbon steel paella pan sized 30-36cm (12-14 inches) across. If you don’t already own an authentic paella pan, El Paeller’s thoughtfully designed kits provide the perfect excuse to invest in this versatile, traditional cookware.

Paella Parties at Home

Paella is meant to be enjoyed communally, and El Paeller makes it easy to orchestrate an unforgettable Spanish fiesta.

Fire up multiple paella kits at once to keep the paella flowing. Set out some sangria, Spanish olives, and crusty bread. Turn on some flamenco music. Then gather your guests around the paella pans to watch in anticipation as the rice transforms before your eyes.

The paella prep becomes an event in itself, and soon you’ll be digging into piping hot paella straight from the pan and toasting to the chef. El Paeller transports all the festivity of an authentic Valencian paella experience to your own gatherings.

Gourmet Flavors with Minimal Effort

From the first whiff of woody, oceanic aromas as you open the package, you’ll know this is paella unlike any you’ve tried before. El Paeller eliminates the guesswork of sourcing obscure Spanish ingredients and perfecting complex techniques.

Thanks to chef Rafa’s expertise, all the subtle details are dialed in, from the pimentón picante seasoning to the precise saffron hue of the broth. You just add rice to the pre-made base and let the flavors develop, no paella prowess required.

In under 20 minutes, El Paeller gives you gourmet, authentically Spanish paella rivaling the best restaurant versions. Keep your friends and family impressed without spending all day in the kitchen.

Paella Anytime, Anywhere

With El Paeller, there’s no need to wait for a beach vacation in Spain to enjoy proper paella. Now your own kitchen can transform into an authentic Spanish paella experience.

Have a sudden craving for paella on a random Wednesday? Fire up an El Paeller kit. Hosting a last-minute dinner party? Impress your guests with homemade paella. Camping or RVing? Make paella at your campsite.

Wherever you are, El Paeller makes paella possible. These portable paella kits mean you’re never far from Spain’s most iconic dish.

El Paeller: A Taste of Spain Delivered to Your Door

Paella has been called Spain’s national dish, and for good reason. The savory layers of rice, saffron, spices, and fresh ingredients encapsulate the warmth, vibrancy, and communal spirit of Spanish cuisine.

While paella’s complexities once made it intimidating to newcomers, El Paeller removes the barriers. Now anyone can make restaurant-worthy Valencian paella at home with minimal effort thanks to chef Rafa’s expertise.

Treat your loved ones to the delicious flavors of Spain without plane tickets or restaurant reservations. Let El Paeller transport your kitchen to Valencia through the universal language of irresistible paella.


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