Elevate Your Senses with InnoGear’s 500ml Remote Control Ultrasonic Diffuser



Experience the tranquil benefits of aromatherapy with the InnoGear 500ml Remote Control Ultrasonic Diffuser. This premium diffuser covers large spaces up to 753 square feet with indulgent essential oil diffusion and cool mist humidity.

Effortless Remote Operation Up to 16.5ft Away

The included remote control lets you conveniently adjust mist and light settings from anywhere in the room. Change modes, adjust timers, and cycle through ambient light colors all without leaving the comfort of your bed or couch up to 16.5ft away.

All-Day, Uninterrupted Diffusion

With a spacious 500ml tank, this ultrasonic diffuser runs continuously for up to 18 hours. Enjoy extended relaxation and aromatherapy benefits from morning to night without inconvenient mid-session refilling.

Customizable Mist and Light

Choose from two mist intensities (strong or weak) and three timer settings (1/2/3 hours) to personalize diffusion to your needs. The ambient light offers 8 rich LED colors with two brightness levels for a customized soothing atmosphere.

Advanced Ultrasonic Diffusion Technology

Ultrasonic vibrations silently and effectively convert essential oils and water into micro-fine vapor. The upward mist flow is three times stronger than ordinary diffusers, efficiently humidifying and scenting the air.

Simple One-Touch Operation

Intuitive touch controls on the diffuser and remote make it easy to start and adjust settings. When the tank empties, the diffuser automatically shuts off for safety.

Design that Complements Any Decor

The neutral beige color and boho-inspired pattern blend in beautifully. The elongated oval shape and faux wood grain finish add an organic touch to tables and nightstands.

Enhance Your Environment with Aromatherapy

Relax after a long day with lavender or eucalyptus. Invigorate your morning routine with citrus and mint. The InnoGear diffuser allows you to harness the power of your favorite essential oils anytime.


  • 500ml capacity and up to 18 hours runtime
  • 16.5ft remote control radius
  • Ultrasonic diffusion covers 753ft2
  • 8 LED colors with adjustable brightness
  • Strong, upward mist flow
  • Auto shut-off when tank is empty
  • Neutral colors complement any room

Elevate your home ambiance and well-being with the InnoGear 500ml Remote Control Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser.


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