Eorish Wellness Healing Lemon Sage Crystal Candle – Calming Aromatherapy Soy Candle with Crystals Inside



Refresh your home and soothe your senses with the natural aromas of the Eorish Wellness Healing Lemon Sage Crystal Candle. This aromatic soy candle is infused with lemon and sage essential oils to promote relaxation and peace. The 100% soy wax and lead-free wood wick provide a clean, even burn and long-lasting fragrance.

Once the wax burns down, you’ll discover healing crystals nestled inside this scented candle. These crystals have been carefully selected for their calming and restorative properties. Clear quartz promotes harmony and balance, while amethyst promotes inner strength and emotional stability. Jade relaxation and release, reducing anxiety. The crystals make a beautiful home decoration once the candle has been burned.

With 8 ounces of soy wax, this aromatherapy candle provides up to 50 hours of delightful lemon sage aroma. The fragrance is strong and natural, filling your home with the bright, herbal notes of lemon verbena and clary sage. This healing candle makes a wonderful gift for anyone in need of comfort, clarity and restoration.

Promotes Relaxation and Inner Calm

Light this soy candle after a stressful day to melt away tension. The lemon and sage aromas have a clarifying, centering effect on the mind and emotions. Sage has been used since ancient times to cleanse and purify spaces and restore inner harmony. Lemon lifts the mood and brings positivity. Together, they create an ambiance of tranquility ideal for unwinding.

The flickering flame provides a focal point for meditation, while the essential oil aromas help calm a busy mind. The candle makes an excellent aid for yoga, journaling, reading or any relaxing evening routine. Simply breathe deeply to let the lemon and sage scents soothe your senses.

All-Natural Soy Wax and Wooden Wick

Eorish Wellness candles are crafted from 100% soy wax, which is biodegradable and free of toxins. Soy wax has less soot than paraffin candles, for a clean, eco-friendly burn. The wooden wick is lead-free and makes a satisfying crackling sound.

Soy wax holds fragrance oils exceptionally well. You’ll enjoy hour after hour of consistent, inviting lemon sage aroma. The candle burns evenly from top to bottom, filling your space with natural fragrance. Once the wax is gone, the healing crystals inside will continue elevating your home’s energy.

Aromatherapy for Home Harmony

Sent your home with the bright, positive energy of lemon and sage. The invigorating citrus aroma stimulates the senses, while sage purifies and promotes wisdom. Together, they create the perfect aromatherapy blend to center your emotions and welcome inner peace.

Burn this soy wax candle in the bedroom, bathroom, living room or office. The soothing lemon sage fragrance will inspire mindfulness, clarity and tranquility wherever you place it. Allow the candle’s glowing light and natural scents to set the mood for relaxation.

Makes a Thoughtful Gift

This aromatic candle makes a wonderful gift for friends and loved ones. The elegant glass jar looks beautiful wrapped up as a birthday, holiday or housewarming present. Share the gift of relaxation and mindfulness with those needing more peace and zen.

Anyone who enjoys spa days, yoga, meditation or quiet evenings at home will appreciate this lavender soy candle. Watching the flame flicker while breathing in the soothing lemon sage fragrance is a simple pleasure that relieves stress and centers the mind. A thoughtful way to promote wellness through natural aromatherapy.

Decorate with Crystals Once Candle Burns Out

Once you’ve enjoyed all 8 ounces of soothing soy wax, you’ll find a cluster of calming crystals nestled inside the glass candle holder. Quartz, amethyst and jade provide a healing energy boost wherever you place them in your home.

Group the crystals together in a decorative bowl, use them in a table centerpiece or scatter them around houseplants. Their gentle purple, green and clear hues make beautiful home accents. You can reuse the empty glass candle jar to hold pens, makeup brushes or on a vanity.


  • Candle Dimensions: 3.15 x 3.15 x 3.54 inches
  • 8 oz Soy Wax with Lemongrass and Sage Fragrance
  • Lead-Free Wooden Wick
  • Includes Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Jade Crystals
  • Glass Candle Holder is Reusable
  • Provides up to 50 Hours of Burn Time
  • Hand Poured in Small Batches

Bring the tranquility of nature indoors with the Eorish Wellness Healing Lemon Sage Crystal Candle. This aromatic soy candle fills your home with zen-inspiring lemon and sage aromas while promoting deep relaxation. A beautiful gift and wonderful home decor accent.


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