Fida Bonelle Assorted Italian Fruit Jelly Candy – Vegan and Gluten-Free Gummy Sweets (1.5 lb Bag)



Treat yourself to a delicious medley of fruity flavors with Fida Bonelle’s assorted Italian fruit jelly candies! This 1.5 lb bulk bag contains approximately 80 pieces of soft, chewy, naturally-flavored gummy sweets in a tantalizing mix of lemon, orange, blackberry, and strawberry.

Made in Italy, these high-quality candies are gluten-free and vegan, making them an inclusive treat to enjoy. The recipes use only natural colors and flavors extracted from the actual fruits, allowing you to taste the pure, vibrant essence in every bite. Bite into the sour lemon jelly wedges and your mouth puckers from the zesty tartness. Sink your teeth into the smooth, sweet orange slices swirled with sunshine. The blackberry jelly pieces burst with deep, jammy flavor. And the strawberry jelly candies capture the ripe, juicy essence of fresh-picked berries.

Each piece of this fruity candy is individually wrapped, keeping the gummy sweets soft and fresh while also making them perfect for grabbing and going. Toss a handful into your bag before heading out the door or take them along in the car for satisfying sweet snacking on road trips and family vacations. The portable wraps also make these shareable candies ideal for desks and lunches.

Made from real fruit juice and pectin, these Italian-style jellies have a pleasantly firm texture offset by an irresistible squishy chewiness. The flavors layer your senses, the sweetness mingling with the natural tartness of the fruits. This well-balanced flavor profile creates candy that’s not cloyingly sugary but has a more refined, elegant taste.

Bring these crowd-pleasing Italian jelly candies to parties, playdates, and celebrations throughout the year. Fill bowls for Halloween trick-or-treaters, Thanksgiving dessert tables, and Christmas cookie exchanges. Give as valentines or add to Easter baskets and gift bags. People of all ages will love the pure fruity flavors and fun gelatinous textures.

Satisfy your fruit candy cravings without artificial ingredients, weird additives, or mysterious “natural flavors.” Fida Bonelle uses only real, recognizable ingredients to create their authentic Italian jelly candy recipes. There are no preservatives, soy, nuts, dairy, or gluten – just real fruit juice concentrates, natural colors and flavors, sugar, pectin, citric acid, and a touch of sunflower oil. Treat your body and taste buds to better-for-you candy made traditionally in Italy.

Bring the taste of Italy to your home with these artisanal fruit jelly candies from Fida Bonelle. Share the sweets in lunches, at parties, on road trips, or whenever you need an uplifting fruity snack. This 1.5 lb bag provides individually wrapped pieces in lemon, orange, blackberry, and strawberry flavors, so you can savor the flavors of the Mediterranean one tasty piece at a time.


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