Freshé Gourmet Ready to Eat Wild Tuna & Salmon in Olive Oil – Globally Inspired Canned Fish Pack of 8



Discover a tasty world of flavors with the Freshé variety pack of gourmet ready to eat tuna and salmon. This canned fish collection includes 8 BPA-free tins showcasing delicious global recipes made from the finest sustainably sourced seafood.

Take your snacking from boring to bold with Aztec Ensalada, Provence Nicoise, Thai Sriracha and Sicilian Caponata tuna along with Moroccan Tagine and Barcelona Escalivada salmon. Each recipe blends premium tuna or salmon with olive oil, vegetables and inspired seasonings for a burst of flavor in every savory bite.

Carefully Sourced Premium Tuna and Salmon

At the heart of every Freshé canned fish recipe is sustainably caught wild tuna or salmon, prized for their fresh flavor and tender texture.

The skipjack tuna comes from fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council for responsible fishing practices that help protect oceans and marine life. No artificial preservatives or colors are ever added.

The salmon is rich, fatty Atlantic salmon sustainably farmed and harvested off the coasts of Norway and the Faroe Islands.

By choosing seafood from sources that emphasis sustainability and humane practices, you can enjoy nutritious, high-quality protein while also supporting responsible fishing.

Global Flavors in Every Tin

With recipes inspired by regional cuisines from around the world, this canned tuna and salmon collection adds an adventurous twist to snacking.

The Aztec Ensalada tin transports you to the lively markets of Mexico with bold flavors of lime, chili powder and cilantro. Provence Nicoise tuna seasoned with garlic, thyme and parsley delivers rustic tastes of the French countryside.

Thai Sriracha salmon combines creamy coconut milk with ginger, lemongrass and a touch of chili heat. And Catalan-style Barcelona Escalivada features smoky grilled flavors.

Each recipe balances the natural richness of tuna and salmon with oils, vegetables and spices for a globally inspired flavor explosion.

Nutritious Protein for On-the-Go Lifestyles

Wild tuna and salmon provide an excellent source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, vitamin D and other vital nutrients. The convenient ready to eat pouches make getting your daily dose of high-quality protein quick and easy.

Enjoy them as a savory snack straight from the tin any time hunger strikes. Pack one in your purse, gym bag, or take them along on road trips, camping adventures and more.

Toss chunks of tuna or salmon into salads, sandwiches, pasta and rice dishes for a pop of flavor and nutrition. Let these globally inspired canned fish recipes add excitement and convenience to your busy, active lifestyle.

Thoughtfully Sourced, Prepared and Packaged

At Freshé, exceptional taste and quality come first. That’s why you’ll only find simple, natural ingredients in our ready to eat canned fish. No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors are used in any of our recipes.

The tuna and salmon are packaged in BPA-free tins and pouches, so you can feel confident enjoying this nutritious protein anywhere, anytime. We take pride in creating delicious, sustainably sourced canned fish you can share with family and friends with peace of mind.

Make Any Day a Gourmet Adventure

With the Freshé variety pack of ready to eat tuna and salmon, every day can be filled with exciting new flavors from around the globe. Keep your pantry stocked so you’re always ready for a savory, satisfying protein packed snack or meal.


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