Garlic Festival Seattle Seafood Seasoning Blend – 2 oz



Transport your tastebuds to the Pacific Northwest with Garlic Festival’s Seattle Style Seafood Seasoning. This blend encapsulates the incredible flavors found in Seattle’s famous seafood.

With main notes of roasted garlic, minced onion, sea salt, and lemon, this seasoning adds the perfect punch to any fish or shellfish dish. The garlic provides a robust, savory base while the lemon brightens with a fresh zest. Hints of dill complete the authentic Seattle-inspired profile.

Just a dash of this seasoning before or after cooking infuses seafood with the essence of the Pacific Northwest. It’s a quick and easy way to make salmon, halibut, cod, shrimp, clams, and more taste like they just came off the boat in Seattle.

The rich blend of organic spices and herbs balances sweet and savory for seafood that pops with flavor. This versatile seasoning also jazzes up chowders, bakes, tacos, spreads, crab cakes, and more. A little goes a long way, so the 2 oz jar provides plenty to savor the Seattle-style flavors.

Garlic Festival Foods is dedicated to delivering quality, authentic flavor experiences. Their Seattle Style Seafood Seasoning reflects the culinary heritage of the Pacific Northwest through a perfect blend of carefully selected ingredients.

Give your seafood Seattle flair with just a shake or two of this seasoning. Friends and family will think you’re a master seafood chef with the help of Garlic Festival’s Seattle Style Seafood Seasoning.


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