GHIRARDELLI Milk Chocolate Squares with Caramel Filling – Milk Chocolate Caramel Candy Squares – 5.32 oz Bag (6 bags)



Indulge in the rich, creamy sweetness of GHIRARDELLI’s milk chocolate squares with luscious caramel filling. This set contains six 5.32 oz bags of these decadent candy treats, perfect for savoring yourself or gifting to a chocolate lover.

Luxurious Milk Chocolate and Creamy Caramel Goodness

GHIRARDELLI has crafted these milk chocolate squares with a soft, smooth caramel center for the ultimate chocolate-caramel delight. Each piece provides two heavenly flavors in one bite – the sweetness of the caramel complements the cocoa richness of the chocolate perfectly. As you sink your teeth into the chocolate shell, it gives way to the soft, chewy caramel filling inside.

The high-quality milk chocolate provides a creamy mouthfeel and comforting cocoa flavor. GHIRARDELLI uses only the best cocoa beans sourced sustainably from West Africa and South America. The rich chocolate completely envelops the sweet caramel center in every square. This chocolate tastes smooth and milky, never overly sugary or artificial.

Satisfying Indulgence Anytime

Keep a bag handy at home, at the office, or in your bag for a quick chocolate pick-me-up anytime. These individually wrapped squares make portion control easy – just unwrap one or two when chocolate cravings strike. The bags are resealable, so the remaining squares stay fresh. Offer a square to family, friends, or coworkers to brighten their day.

The portable bags are perfect for tucking into lunch boxes to surprise kids at school. Toss one in your glove box for emergency chocolate relief during stressful moments in traffic. Stash squares in your hiking or camping gear for an energizing snack on the trail. Wherever you need a chocolate and caramel lift, these squares deliver.

Gift Chocolate Lovers Will Adore

Searching for a gift for the chocolate addict in your life? Look no further than these milk chocolate caramel squares. The beautifully packaged set of six bags shows you put thought into the gift and makes a lovely presentation. Friends and family will be delighted to receive this decadent assortment.

Bring a bag to the hostess of your next dinner party or gathering. She’ll appreciate the gourmet chocolate you brought to share. These squares make a thoughtful “thank you” or “thinking of you” gift to cheer someone up. Teacher gifts, holiday gifts, birthday gifts – this chocolate works for any occasion!

Quality Ingredients and Sustainable Sourcing

Since 1852, GHIRARDELLI has produced luxurious chocolate using high-quality ingredients and responsible sourcing practices. The company sources its cocoa beans sustainably to ensure future supplies of chocolate and support farmers.

GHIRARDELLI manufacturers its chocolate squares at its factory in San Leandro, California. Each product undergoes over 500 quality checks to maintain the brand’s high standards. This attention to detail ensures you receive fresh, delicious chocolate every time.

Taste the GHIRARDELLI Difference

If you enjoy chocolate like HERSHEY’S, DOVE, or LINDT, treat yourself to the rich flavor of GHIRARDELLI. This brand crafts chocolate with high cocoa butter content for incredibly smooth texture and mouthfeel. The squares melt in your mouth and taste velvety and luxurious.

Compared to mass-produced candy bars, GHIRARDELLI offers a clear step up in quality and flavor. Once you experience the creamy goodness of these milk chocolate caramel squares, you may find yourself hooked! But with such reasonable prices for this gourmet chocolate, you can indulge without guilt.

Decadent Chocolate Caramel Bliss

Why wait to fulfill your chocolate cravings? Order a set of these GHIRARDELLI chocolate caramel squares today and dive into chocolate nirvana. With six bags, you’ll have plenty to satisfy your sweet tooth. Share a few squares to delight family and friends too.

Savor the harmony of creamy milk chocolate and sweet caramel in every bite. Let this chocolate melt slowly on your tongue to fully appreciate the masterful blend of flavors. Whether you indulge in the morning with your coffee, as an afternoon treat, or after dinner, these squares provide chocolate ecstasy anytime.

Product Details

  • Set includes six 5.32 oz bags of GHIRARDELLI milk chocolate caramel squares
  • Milk chocolate squares feature a creamy caramel filling
  • Made with GHIRARDELLI’s proprietary blend of premium chocolate
  • Cocoa beans sourced sustainably from West Africa and South America
  • No artificial flavors, synthetic colors, or preservatives
  • Individually wrapped squares for portion control and sharing
  • Resealable bags keep squares fresh
  • Made in GHIRARDELLI’s factory in San Leandro, California

Grab a set of these irresistible milk chocolate caramel squares today and treat yourself to the ultimate chocolate indulgence!


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