Goldfish Cheddar Cheese Crackers Snack Packs (20 Count)



Keep the whole family smiling with Goldfish Cheddar Cheese Crackers Snack Packs. This 20 count box contains 20 individually wrapped snack packs perfect for lunches, after school treats, road trips and more. Each 1-ounce resealable pouch provides a single serving of the baked cheddar cheese crackers kids and adults love.

The Snack That Smiles Back

For generations, Goldfish crackers have been bringing smiles to snack time. These cute little fish-shaped crackers are made with real cheddar cheese and have an irresistible taste that keeps you coming back for more. Pop open a pack and see the crackers cheerfully smiling back as you reach in for that satisfying cheddar flavor.

Bite-Sized Cracker Snacks

Goldfish snacks are perfectly bite-sized, so they’re easy for little hands to hold and fun to munch on. Their petite size and smiley face make them an adorable addition to any lunch box. Kids will delight in nibbling away at these cute crackers. Each snack pack contains approximately 50 mini crackers – the perfect portion for a guilt-free snack.

Made with 100% Real Cheese

You can feel good about enjoying these snack crackers, because they are baked with 100% real cheddar cheese. The savory cheese flavor comes from natural cheese ingredients, not artificial flavors or powdered cheeses. Goldfish crackers contain no artificial preservatives or colors either.

On-the-Go Snacking

The handy 1-ounce pouches are perfect for taking Goldfish crackers on the go. Toss them in your bag for a midday work snack or keep a pack in the car for road trip munching. They’re the ideal size for packing in lunches and after school snacks. The resealable pouches ensure the crackers stay fresh and crunchy.

Snack Time Fun

Kids will love the cute fishy shapes of these baked snack crackers. The mini size makes them fun and easy for little hands to pick up and nibble. Packs are great for sharing at school or keeping children occupied during car rides and errands. Adults appreciate the nostalgic taste of this classic snack too.

Cheddar Snacking Versatility

In addition to enjoying Goldfish crackers straight from the pouch, you can get creative with how you use them. Sprinkle these bite-sized crackers on salads for some crunch and cheesy flavor. Use them as a soup topper in place of croutons. Or accompany your sandwich with a serving of Goldfish for a satisfying cheddar crunch.

Snack Time Essential

Goldfish crackers have become a staple snack for good reason. Their appetizing cheddar cheese flavor, grin-worthy fish shapes and portable size make them a winning formula for snacking. For over 50 years, Goldfish have been bringing smiles to faces both young and old. It’s impossible to stop at just a few!

20 Individually Packaged Servings

This bulk box contains enough snack packs of Goldfish crackers to get you through busy weeks of school lunches, sports practices, road trips and more. With 20 pouches, the whole family can enjoy this snack time favorite. Resealable pouches ensure freshness and contain roughly a single kid-sized serving.

Ingredients You Can Trust

All Goldfish varieties are free from artificial preservatives, flavors and colors. You can feel good knowing the ingredients used to make these baked crackers are wholesome and kid-friendly. Goldfish crackers contain no trans fat, but pack in the real cheddar cheese flavor you crave.

Snack Time Satisfaction

Brighten snack time with the fun fishy smiles and satisfying cheddar taste of Goldfish crackers. Kids will delight in munching on these cute, bite-sized snacks, while adults will appreciate the wholesome ingredients. Pop open a pouch for an instant snack time pick-me-up!


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