Green’s Bakery Mini Kosher Chocolate Babka – Two 16 Oz Loaves of The Classic Jewish Pastry



Treat yourself and your loved ones to the rich, chocolatey goodness of traditional Jewish babka, baked to perfection in a Kosher certified bakery.

This pack includes two 16 oz mini loaves of Green’s famous chocolate babka. Each babka is made with premium ingredients and filled with silky chocolate to create a decadent pastry that looks as good as it tastes.

Give the gift of authentic babka baked fresh from a family-owned bakery steeped in old world tradition. Or enjoy this Kosher classic at home any time a chocolate craving strikes.

Traditional Jewish Pastry Loaded with Chocolatey Goodness

Babka is a beloved Eastern European Jewish sweet bread typically served on holidays and special occasions. With origins in Poland and Ukraine, babka is made from a brioche-style yeasted dough.

What sets babka apart is the swirl of rich, chocolate filling running through the bread. Each soft, bready bite contains melty pockets of chocolate for the ultimate treat.

Green’s master bakers faithfully follow traditional techniques to braid, proof, and bake our babkas to perfection. The result is a perfect balance of tender bread and fudgy chocolate in every slice.

Baked Fresh in Small Batches in Our Kosher Certified Bakery

We bake our babkas fresh daily in small batches in our nut-free, dairy-free kosher facility. This ensures you receive the freshest, highest quality babka.

Our family-owned bakery has been perfecting the art of babka for over 80 years. We use time-honored recipes passed down through generations along with high-quality ingredients.

You can trust our babka is certified kosher under OK, CRC, Pas Yisroel, and Yoshon standards. We adhere to the strictest kosher baking practices.

Two Mini Loaves Give You Plenty to Share

This twin pack contains two 16 oz mini loaves of our famous chocolate babka.

The smaller size makes these mini babkas perfect for gifting or for smaller households. Enjoy one loaf now and save the other for later.

Or bring both loaves to a gathering so you have plenty to share. The irresistible chocolate swirl is sure to disappear fast!

Just slice and serve. Babka is delicious on its own or toasted with a schmear of cream cheese for breakfast or a late night nibble.

Made with Premium Ingredients

We use only the finest ingredients in crafting our babkas, including:

– European-style butter for rich flavor
– High-quality chocolate and cocoa for intense chocolate taste
– Farm fresh eggs and milk
– All-natural vanilla and almond extracts
– King Arthur flour for reliable baking performance
– Active dry yeast for proper rise and texture

No preservatives or artificial flavors. Just real, wholesome ingredients baked to perfection.

A Sweet Treat for Any Occasion

Keep our kosher mini chocolate babkas on hand for:

– Holiday gifting and gatherings like Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah and Passover
– Sharing at Shabbat and synagogue events
– Birthdays, celebrations, and brunch occasions
– Satisfying chocolate cravings any time

However you enjoy Green’s Bakery’s chocolate babka, our incredible taste and quality are baked into every loaf. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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