Habbersett Low Fat Braunschweiger Liverwurst, 8 oz (Pack of 12)



Enjoy the rich, savory flavor of Habbersett’s premium braunschweiger liverwurst in a lower fat option. Each 8 oz pack delivers the distinctive liverwurst taste you love with 70% less fat than traditional braunschweiger.

Twelve 8 Ounce Packs of Delicious Liverwurst

This convenient 12 pack provides 12 individually wrapped 8 oz packs of Habbersett’s famous braunschweiger liverwurst. Each pack contains two hearty 4 oz sticks of mild liverwurst bursting with old world flavor.

Made from premium quality pork livers and farm-raised meats, Habbersett liverwurst has an ultra smooth texture and delicious smoky flavor perfect for sandwiches, platters, or snacking.

70% Less Fat Than Regular Braunschweiger

With 70% less fat than typical liverwurst, Habbersett low fat braunschweiger allows you to enjoy the distinctive flavor of liverwurst without all the guilt. It has all the hearty, savory goodness you crave with a fraction of the fat and calories.

We use advanced manufacturing techniques to remove excess fat without sacrificing taste or texture. The result is a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth liverwurst that doesn’t weigh you down.

Guaranteed Freshness

Every liverwurst pack has a guaranteed minimum 14 day best by date when it leaves our facility to ensure you receive the freshest product possible. Our state-of-the-art production process and vacuum sealed packs lock in freshness and flavor.

The braunschweiger travels well and will arrive ready to enjoy. Refrigerate upon arrival for optimum quality.

A Classic German Specialty

Liverwurst, or braunschweiger, is a German charcuterie specialty made from pork liver, fat, and spices. It has a soft, spreadable texture and unique savory taste.

Our award-winning master butchers follow traditional German recipes to produce an authentic braunschweiger with premium flavor you can’t find anywhere else. It’s seasoned to perfection with a special blend of spices.

Endless Ways to Enjoy

– Enjoy liverwurst on sandwiches and rolls for a satisfying snack
– Spread it on rye crackers for an easy appetizer
– Layer it on a charcuterie or cheese board
– Use it to stuff mushrooms, peppers, or potatoes
– Mix it into dips, spreads, and more

With its mild flavor and smooth texture, the possibilities are endless! Our low fat braunschweiger livens up any meal or snack.

Quality You Can Trust

Habbersett has been producing premium deli meats and liverwurst for over 70 years. We use responsibly sourced ingredients and time-honored techniques to craft authentic charcuterie of exceptional taste and quality.

Our low fat braunschweiger liverwurst maintains the superior flavor while lightening up this German classic. We stand behind every pack of liverwurst. If you aren’t fully satisfied with our braunschweiger, please contact us.

Buy Now for Big Liverwurst Flavor

Treat yourself to the rich, savory goodness of Habbersett low fat braunschweiger today! This 12 pack is perfect for always having your favorite liverwurst on hand.


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