HIHIHOMY Modern Music Note LED Chandelier – Dimmable Pendant Light for Kitchen Island or Dining Room



Illuminate your space in contemporary elegance with the HIHIHOMY Modern Music Note LED Chandelier. This stunning pendant light fixture features a visually stunning arrangement of music notes that add a touch of modern sophistication to any room.

Captivating Music Note Chandelier Design

At the heart of this modern chandelier are cascade of music notes formed from integrated LED strips, creating a truly mesmerizing display. The thin and frameless design gives this dining room chandelier an ultra-modern look that effortlessly melds timeless elegance with contemporary style. When lit, the interior LEDs produce a gorgeous glow that gracefully illuminates your space.

Customizable Dimmable Lighting

With the included remote control, you have complete control over the ambiance created by this dimmable LED chandelier. Easily adjust the color temperature from a warm 3000K natural white light to an invigorating 6000K daylight glow. Brightness levels are also fully adjustable to set the perfect mood in any space, whether for focused tasks or relaxed dining. The intelligent memory function allows the light to recall your customized settings even after being powered off.

Ideal Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island

With a height adjustable up to 1.5m, this modern LED pendant light makes an ideal addition above a kitchen island or dining table. The thin plate design with smooth edges allows the focal point of any space to remain on your culinary creations or mealtime gatherings. Adjust the suspend height to precisely match your decor.

Simple Assembly Out the Box

Crafted from durable aluminum and iron, this music note chandelier arrives ready for quick and simple assembly. All necessary hardware and an easy to follow manual allow you to mount this fixture and enjoy its wonderful glow in no time. We also provide a 3-year quality guarantee and friendly customer service.

Design Showcase

See how this contemporary music note chandelier infuses any space with modern sophistication:

Living Room

Make a design statement above your living room seating arrangement. Let the dazzling glow of the music note LEDs illuminate conversations or reading nooks with a modern flair.

Dining Room

Suspended above your dining table, this pendant light fixture showers your meals and gatherings in a warm radiance. Adjustable brightness and color settings make it easy to set the perfect dinner ambiance.

Kitchen Island

The ideal centerpiece light for a kitchen island, allowing you to bathe your prep space in customizable task lighting. When not cooking, create a more relaxed atmosphere for casual dining.


Hang this dimmable LED chandelier above your bed for a gorgeous bedside glow. Its thin profile doesn’t overwhelm the space, letting you fall asleep to your desired ambient lighting.

Home Office

Add a touch of style to your workspace with this music note pendant fixture. Adjust the light to reduce eye strain when focusing, or soften for a more relaxed environment.


– Dimensions: 110*35*6cm
– Material: Aluminum and Iron
– Light Source: Integrated LEDs
– Color Temperature: Adjustable 3000K – 6000K
– Dimmable: Yes, with included remote
– Height Adjustable: Up to 1.5m
– Suitable for Indoor Use
– 3-Year Quality Guarantee

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Bring contemporary elegance and customizable ambiance into your home with this visually stunning pendant light fixture. Perfect above your dining table, kitchen island, seating areas and more. Click Add to Cart now to illuminate any space with modern sophistication.


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