House Bombay Seafood Blast – Indian Spice Blend for Fish & Seafood Dishes, Gluten Free, 2.82 oz



Transform your kitchen into a Mumbai marketplace with House Bombay Seafood Blast. This aromatic blend of spices infuses fish, shrimp, scallops and more with the incredible flavors of India.

The complex mixture includes cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and a touch of citrusy mango powder. Just a dash is all it takes to give seafood next-level depth and exotic zing.

Keep a jar handy to add intrigue to everyday meals. This versatile spice blend also jazzes up stir fries, curries, rice, roasted veggies and more.

An Indian Market in a Jar

With one whiff of this blend, you’re transported to the bustling bazaars of India. Vendors line the streets, enticing passersby with the scents of cumin, turmeric and fragrant curry leaves.

House Bombay Seafood Blast encapsulates the vibrancy and spice of these markets in each jar. It’s carefully crafted by a boutique spice company in Canada that meticulously sources each ingredient from its country of origin.

They start with whole spices then freshly grind and blend them for maximum potency of flavor. The result is a mix as aromatic and complex as the streets of Mumbai. Just a sprinkle infuses your cooking with a taste of India.

Flavor Profile

This blend balances the warming bite of chili pepper and black peppercorns with cooling cardamom and coriander. Aromatic cinnamon and clove add a hint of sweetness while tangy mango powder provides tartness.

Every spice was specially selected to complement and amplify the natural flavors of seafood. The robust mixture stands up to hearty fish like salmon and tuna without overpowering more delicate shellfish and white fish.

Use it to give a flavor boost to grilled, baked or roasted seafood. Mix into creamy chowders and bisques. Stir into seafood curries, paella or jambalaya. Even keep it on hand to spice up shrimp cocktail or fish tacos.

Gluten-Free & Allergen-Free

House Bombay Seafood Blast has no gluten-containing ingredients. It’s also free of the major allergens peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, egg and soy.

The blend uses no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Just pure, natural spices like turmeric, fenugreek, cayenne pepper and more.

You can trust this seasoning to give gluten-sensitive family and friends all the exotic aromas of Indian cuisine without unwanted ingredients.

Easy to Use

Spice up dinner in a snap with this ready-made blend. No need to buy and measure out a dozen different spices.

Just keep a jar in your pantry to sprinkle onto any seafood before cooking. Or stir a few dashes into marinades, dressings or breading mixtures.

Start with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per serving and adjust to taste. A little goes a long way, especially in more delicate dishes like fish cakes.

For extra punch, try coating seafood in a paste made of Seafood Blast and olive oil before baking or grilling. The spice flavors will caramelize into the food for bold Indian inspiration.

Craft Your Own Indian Feast

This blend is part of House’s line of versatile spice mixes inspired by global cuisine. With Seafood Blast in your arsenal, you can create an entire Indian meal from scratch.

Whip up easy shrimp tikka masala, Goan fish curry stew or tandoori salmon. Serve over rice with a side of garam masala veggies. Finish with chai tea over cake spiced with cardamom.

You’ll feel like you have your own Mumbai kitchen, no passport required!

Spice Up Any Cuisine

The flavors of Seafood Blast go far beyond Indian recipes. Wake up bowlfuls of rice, quinoa or oatmeal. Liven up mayo or sour cream as a sandwich spread or veggie dip.

Add intrigue to pork chops, chicken wings, beef kebabs or lamb chops off the grill. Mix into vinaigrettes and marinades for a flavor change.

With creativity, you can incorporate this spice mix into all types of global cuisines. It plays well with Mediterranean, Latin American, African and Middle Eastern ingredients too.

Buy Now & Save

Bring 5-star Indian flavor into your kitchen for less than $1 per ounce. This large 2.82 oz jar gives you plenty of spice blend to liven up meal after meal.

It comes fresh and ships fast for free with Amazon Prime. The sealed jar locks in all the aromatic oils and potent flavors of each spice.

Just click Add to Cart and unleash the mouthwatering spices of India into seafood, veggies, rice and more. Your taste buds will thank you.


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