IUCGE Reusable Rubber Cleaning Gloves – 3 or 6 Pack of Household Dishwashing Gloves



Protect Your Hands While Tackling Any Mess with IUCGE Reusable Rubber Cleaning Gloves

Cleaning dishes, scrubbing bathrooms, and tackling other messy projects can wreak havoc on your hands, causing dryness, irritation, and even damage. Skip the pain and wear comfortable protection with our IUCGE rubber cleaning gloves.

Made from 100% natural rubber latex, these gloves shield your hands from harsh cleaning chemicals and abrasive surfaces. The soft, flexible material allows total dexterity and grip, while the textured palms and fingers provide extra security when handling slippery dishes.

Enjoy complete coverage without the hassle and waste of disposable gloves. Our IUCGE cleaning gloves are designed for extended wear, protecting your hands time and time again.

Total Protection From Irritating Cleaning Chemicals

Why suffer from damaged hands when you don’t have to? Our rubber gloves provide a barrier between your skin and drying cleansers, caustic degreasers, and other harsh chemicals used for household cleaning.

The natural rubber latex material resists corrosion from even powerful formulas like bleach and ammonia. No more red, flaky, irritated hands when you clean!

Guard Against Abrasions, Scratches, and Cuts
Accidental scratches, abrasions, and cuts happen easily when cleaning without hand protection. Rough sponges, sharp utensils, and broken glass are just some of the hazards when tackling dirty dishes and grimy surfaces.

Our rubber gloves safeguard your hands from painful and dangerous cuts, scrapes, and scratches as you scour pots, scrub floors, and handle debris. The durable latex stands up to vigorous cleaning sessions without tearing or puncturing.

Soft, Flexible Comfort You’ll Love Wearing
Who wants to fuss with gloves that are awkward and uncomfortable? Our IUCGE rubber cleaning gloves are remarkably soft and flexible, allowing total freedom of movement.

The thin latex stretches and bends with your hands without any binding or restriction. You’ll actually forget you’re wearing our gloves as you effortlessly handle cleaning tasks.

Textured Grip Holds Dishes and Tools Securely
Wet, soapy dishes can be downright slippery and tough to handle, especially with rubber gloves on. But our textured grip design solves that problem!

The palms and fingers feature a fish scale pattern that creates incredible friction and traction against slippery surfaces. Dishes, tools, and other items stay put, allowing you to clean with confidence.

Bright, Cheerful Colors for the Toughest Jobs
Who said cleaning can’t be fun? Our rubber cleaning gloves come in four vibrant color choices – yellow, green, blue and pink.

The lively hues give you alift as you tackle the dirtiest jobs. They also help you quickly identify designated gloves for different tasks or family members.

Multiple Sizes For a Perfect Fit
One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to rubber cleaning gloves. To provide optimal protection and dexterity, you need gloves that properly fit your hands.

Our IUCGE reusable cleaning gloves come in 4 sizes to offer you an ideal personalized fit:

– Small – Fits up to 6.9″ palm width
– Medium – Fits 6.9″ to 7.9″ palm width
– Large- Fits 7.9″ to 8.9″ palm width
– XL – Fits 8.9″ to 10″ palm width

Measure palm width around the fullest part of your hand to determine your optimal size. Our gloves stretch for a snug, secure fit.

Built to Last Through Hundreds of Washes
Disposable rubber gloves seem convenient until you realize how often you run through them. That adds up to a LOT of waste and expense over time.

Our reusable IUCGE rubber cleaning gloves are made for the long haul. The natural latex stands up to hundreds of wears and washes, saving you money each time you use them.

Gently wash the gloves by hand or toss them in the washing machine after each use. Air dry or tumble dry on low. A little powder helps ease them on and off.

With proper care, our gloves will provide reliable protection for all your household cleaning jobs for years to come!

Available in Budget-Friendly 3 or 6 Packs
Keep your whole family protected by stocking up on our popular IUCGE reusable cleaning gloves. Choose from:

– 3 Pack – Ideal for a single user or to share gloves between 2 people. Contains 1 pair each of Small, Medium, and Large sizes.

– 6 Pack – Perfect for larger households. Contains 2 pairs each of Small, Medium, and Large sizes.

No more fighting over gloves or dealing with too-small hand-me-downs! The packs allow you to get the right size gloves for everyone.

The bundles also help you save versus buying individual pairs. Clean better protected for less with our multi-glove packs.

Put On Tough Cleaning Protection In 3 Colors

– Yellow Gloves – Bright and cheerful for tackling kitchen messes
– Green Gloves – Fresh color for cleaning bathrooms and more
– Blue Gloves – Crisp color great for laundry, pet care, garages

Mix and match colors so everyone has their own or pick one hue that fits your style. Whichever you choose, the vibrant tones make your cleaning routine more fun.

Try our IUCGE reusable rubber cleaning gloves risk-free to protect your hands. If you don’t love our durable, comfortable gloves, return them for a full refund.

Keep your hands happy while tackling dirty chores. Click Add to Cart now to get high quality protection at a great value!


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