J-BASKET Katakuriko Potato Starch – Versatile Japanese Cooking Essential



Katakuriko potato starch is an indispensable ingredient in Japanese cooking. This fine, light powder has a velvety texture that makes it ideal for preparing tempura batter, thickening stews and sauces, and creating incredibly smooth and stretchy mochi. J-BASKET’s katakuriko is 100% pure potato starch, with no additives or preservatives.

The Secret to Light and Crispy Tempura

The key to getting that delicate, crispy coating on tempura is using katakuriko potato starch. When mixed with ice cold water, katakuriko forms a uniquely light batter that fries up extra crispy. The batter adheres lightly to the ingredients, sealing in moisture while providing a shatteringly crunchy exterior. Using katakuriko results in tempura with a delicate texture and clean flavor that allows the essence of the main ingredients to shine through. It’s vastly superior to batters made from wheat flour, which tend to be dense and doughy.

Thickens Sauces, Stews, and Glazes Beautifully

Katakuriko is widely used as a thickening agent in Japanese cooking. It has an understated flavor that won’t overwhelm other ingredients. When stirred into liquid, it quickly dissolves and thickens to a rich, glossy consistency. Katakuriko is perfect for enhancing the body of sauces, stews, glazes, and gravies without altering the original flavor. A touch of katakuriko at the end gives teriyaki sauce a beautiful sheen. It’s also great for thickening the juices when steaming or braising meat and fish.

Craft Smooth, Stretchy Mochi

Mochi, the soft, chewy Japanese rice cakes, get their distinctive texture from katakuriko potato starch. Adding katakuriko to the mochigome rice flour allows the mochi to stretch without breaking when shaped. It also contributes to mochi’s velvety smooth, sticky texture and helps it hold together after cooling. Katakuriko is fundamental to making mochi with the right bouncy, supple, slightly resilient consistency.

Quick-Mixing, Versatile Starch

J-BASKET’s katakuriko dissolves rapidly in cold liquids without clumping. This makes it easy to incorporate into recipes on the fly. The fine, powdery texture also means you can use katakuriko as a dry coating – just a light dusting keeps delicate proteins like fish from sticking to the pan or grill. It’s even handy for dusting your work surface when rolling out doughs and pastries to prevent sticking.

J-BASKET Quality You Can Trust

J-BASKET sources top-grade potatoes and uses a meticulous production process to create the finest katakuriko potato starch. It contains no GMOs or additives – just pure, all-natural potato starch goodness. The resealable bag ensures lasting freshness and easy storage. For authentic Japanese cooking and baking with smooth, stretchy, crispy textures, choose J-BASKET Katakuriko Potato Starch. It’s the favored brand of katakuriko for countless Japanese home cooks and restaurants.


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