Jambalaya Girl Authentic New Orleans Gumbo Soup Base Mix with Roux – Just Add Chicken, Sausage or Seafood – 4oz



Experience the Flavors of New Orleans with Jambalaya Girl’s Authentic Gumbo Base Mix. This versatile soup starter includes our signature dark roux, Creole seasonings, and hearty vegetables for incredibly robust Louisiana flavor with minimal effort.

Jambalaya Girl was founded by a passionate New Orleans native on a mission to share her family recipes and the joy of Creole cooking. Our gumbo base mix encapsulates the spirit of NOLA’s rich food heritage in one convenient package. We handle the roux and prep work so you can skip straight to the best part – savoring mouthwatering gumbo with your loved ones.

This gumbo soup base mix features our lovingly crafted dark roux, the cornerstone of Louisiana cooking. Dark roux provides deep, nutty flavor notes and gives body to stews and sauces. Our roux is pre-made using traditional techniques to eliminate the hassle and constant stirring required when making it from scratch.

In addition to our signature roux, this gumbo base includes authentic Creole seasonings and a medley of dehydrated vegetables like onion, celery, bell pepper, and garlic. We’ve already “doctored it up” with the classic New Orleans aromatics to infuse rich, complex flavor into your gumbo.

Making your own gumbo is now as easy as browning your choice of chicken, sausage, or seafood, adding our mix, and simmering. In less than an hour, you can transport your taste buds straight to the Big Easy with rich, hearty gumbo ladled over rice.

True to New Orleans’ flavor-forward cuisine, our mix focuses on robust seasoning rather than spicy heat. There’s just enough of a kick to excite your palate, but young and sensitive taste buds can also enjoy this family-friendly comfort food. Customize the spice level to your preference by using hotter varieties of sausage or hot sauce.

Jambalaya Girl aims to elevate the boxed mix category by using quality ingredients to create authentic flavor. Our gumbo base includes a concentrated seafood and poultry stock for the deep, savory notes only a good stock can provide. We never use MSG or artificial colors or flavors, just real food ingredients like our treasured family recipes.

In addition to classic chicken and sausage gumbo, this versatile base can also be used to make shrimp, crawfish, or oyster gumbos. Get creative and add your own regional seafood like clams, mussels, or crab. It’s also great as a rich gravy for pot roasts or leftover holiday turkey.

Make any weeknight feel like a New Orleans dinner party with the robust, homemade flavor of Jambalaya Girl Gumbo Mix. Our carefully crafted blend will have your gang clamoring for seconds and thirds of this Creole classic.

Product Details:

– Authentic Louisiana Gumbo Soup Starter
– Includes Signature Dark Roux, Creole Seasonings & Vegetables
– Just Add Chicken, Sausage, Seafood
– Simmer for Bold, Complex Flavor
– Versatile Uses Beyond Gumbo
– No Artificial Ingredients
– 4oz Pouch Makes 8 Servings
– Woman-Owned Small Business

Suggested Uses:

– Classic Chicken & Sausage Gumbo
– Seafood Variations – Shrimp, Crawfish, Oyster
– Gravy for Pot Roast, Poultry & Pork
– Jambalaya, Étouffée, Soup Bases
– Flavor Booster for Rice, Veggies, Meats

Customer Reviews:

“This mix is absolutely delicious! I am a Louisiana native and can say this tastes just like gumbo back home. Super easy to prepare and full of authentic flavor. Love Jambalaya Girl’s products!”

“Made the most amazing gumbo for a dinner party! My guests couldn’t believe I pulled off a real-deal NOLA gumbo on a weeknight. This mix made me look like a pro chef with hardly any effort.”

“My family loves gumbo night when I bust out this mix! The roux and seasonings are spot on. I just brown some chicken and sausage, add this mix, and 20 minutes later we’re transported to New Orleans.”

“As a busy mom, I love products that make cooking easier and more flavorful. This gumbo base lets me put a hearty homemade meal on the table any night of the week. Huge time saver!”

Bring the Soul of Louisiana to Your Kitchen

At Jambalaya Girl, our goal is to spread the love of Creole cooking through high-quality, convenient products that capture the spirit and flavors of New Orleans. Our gumbo mix eliminates the fuss while maintaining the robust, complex flavors that make this dish so special. With just a few added ingredients, you can share a hearty, homemade meal that transports everyone right to the heart of Cajun Country.

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