JEHONN 4-in-1 Tile Tub Scrubber with Long Handle, Upgraded Shower Cleaning Brush, 4 Different Function Scrub Brush Attachments Head for Bathroom, Bathtub, Floor, Wall, Baseboard



Revolutionize Your Bathroom Cleaning with JEHONN’s 4-in-1 Tile Tub Scrubber

Tackle bathroom messes faster and more easily with the power of JEHONN’s multi-functional tub and tile scrubber. This upgraded scrub brush features a telescoping handle that extends from 33.8″ to 42.1″ to protect your back during cleaning.

The versatile design includes 4 different scrubber head attachments to take on any bathroom cleaning task. Scrub every nook and cranny without straining your body.

Telescoping Handle Minimizes Bending and Stretching

The telescoping handle extends nearly 10 inches to accommodate users of all heights. Easily adjust the handle to eliminate bending, crouching or kneeling during cleaning.

Scrub hard-to-reach spots like behind toilets, upper walls, ceilings and tops of showers without needing to overextend your arm. The adjustable handle takes the strain off your back, knees and shoulders.

4 Interchangeable Scrubber Heads for Any Surface

The included scrub brush heads allow you to customize the scrubber to each cleaning task:

  • Steel Wool Head – Scrubs off tough grime on floors
  • Microfiber Pad – For sensitive surfaces like acrylic tubs
  • Scouring Pad – Powers through soap scum in tile and tubs
  • Stiff Bristle Brush – Removes stuck-on gunk and stains

No need for multiple single-use scrub brushes. Just swap the heads when it’s time to move on to scrubbing a different surface material or stubborn mess.

Triangular Brush Head Maneuvers Into Tight Spaces

The triangular scrub brush head with V-shaped bristles rotates a full 180 degrees to reach into corners, crevices and other tight areas.

Scrub into the narrow space between the tub and wall, bathroom fixtures, or around faucet knobs without struggling. The unique head design gives you full range of motion to hit every spot.

Durably Constructed for Long-Lasting Performance

This tub tile scrubber features a rust-resistant aluminum handle designed for regular bathroom use. The four included scrub head attachments snap securely into place and are made to withstand repeated friction.

The ergonomic non-slip grip remains comfortable even during extended cleaning. Save your hands from cramping while powering through tile grout, soap scum rings, mildew and more tough bathroom grime.

The Multi-Tasking Bathroom Cleaning Tool

JEHONN’s 4-in-1 scrub brush tackles tasks like:

  • Removing soap scum from shower walls and doors
  • Polishing faucets to a gleaming shine
  • Scrubbing mildew and mold from grout
  • Cleaning grime out of textured non-slip tub surfaces
  • Whitening toilet bowl rings and hard water stains
  • Lifting dirt from tile, floors and baseboards

We Stand Behind Our Product 100%

JEHONN provides full support behind this multi-functional tub and tile scrub brush. If you are not fully satisfied, you’re covered by our money-back guarantee.

Our team is available to answer any questions about getting the most effective cleaning results from the 4-in-1 scrubber. We aim to make bathroom cleaning as easy as possible.

Add the JEHONN tub and tile scrub brush to your cleaning toolkit to save time and effort. Your back and hands will thank you!


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