Kesfey Clear Tablecloth Protector – 54 x 84 inch Durable PVC Plastic Table Cover for Spills and Stains



Keep your tables spotless and protected from spills with the Kesfey Clear Tablecloth Protector. This heavy-duty vinyl tablecloth provides a crystal clear barrier between your table and messy accidents. The durable, wipeable surface makes cleanup a breeze.

Made from quality PVC plastic, this rectangular 54 x 84 inch tablecloth protector is built to last through countless gatherings. The thick vinyl material is waterproof, oil-proof, and spill-proof. Liquids will simply bead up on the surface, preventing stains from setting into your table’s finish. The transparent protector allows the beauty of your wood or glass table to shine through while keeping it safe from scratches.

Entertaining can get chaotic, but this clear protector cloth lets you host carefree. No need to panic if a glass gets knocked over or a plate of food spills. Simply wipe the vinyl clean with a damp cloth or paper towel. The transparent vinyl wipes clean easily without any sticky residue.

The Kesfey table protector is perfect for covering dining tables, buffets, folding tables, picnics tables, and more. The generous 54 x 84 inch size provides plenty of overhang to keep splashes and spills contained. It’s an ideal tablecloth for protecting surfaces in busy kitchens, hectic offices, crowded parties, outdoor barbecues, catered events and any other high-traffic area.

Dress up your tablescape while protecting your surfaces with this crystal clear vinyl. Use it on its own for a minimalist modern look or layer it over a decorative cloth tablecloth to prevent stains. The transparent protector won’t cover up your carefully planned table decor.

Key Features:

Heavy-duty PVC plastic – Made from quality vinyl that’s thicker and more durable than basic plastic tablecloths. Wipes clean easily without tearing.

Waterproof & spill-proof – Vinyl surface prevents liquid messes from seeping into your table’s finish. Resists stains from wine, grease, food spills and more.

Scratch-resistant – Clear barrier helps protect tabletops from scuffs and scratches caused by cutlery, plates, and glasses.

Oil-proof & non-stick – Oils, grease, and foods easily wipe off the slick vinyl without leaving residue.

Reusable and durable – Built to last through countless uses. Doesn’t need to be thrown out after one messy party.

Easy wipe clean – Cleans up in a flash with just water, a damp cloth or paper towel. No machine washing required.

54 x 84 inch size – Fits standard 6-foot rectangular dining tables with overhang on all sides to catch drips.

Transparent plastic – Crystal clear protector allows the beauty of your table to shine through.

The Perfect Table Protector for Any Situation

Entertaining can be unpredictable, but this clear vinyl tablecloth helps protect surfaces during life’s messiest moments. Here are some of the ways you can put this versatile protector to use:

Dining Room Tables – Protect your fine wooden dining table from staining and scuffing during family meals and dinner parties. The clear vinyl allows your beautiful wood grain or table runner to show through.

Outdoor Tables – Cover patio tables and picnic tables to keep them looking clean for backyard BBQs and outdoor parties. The waterproof vinyl stands up to sun, sprinklers and weather.

Craft and Work Tables – Use as a surface barrier when doing arts & crafts, sewing, painting or other messy DIY projects. Protects your workspace from glue, paint, ink and more.

Office Lunchrooms – Cover tables in busy office kitchens and breakrooms to prevent stains from daily use. Easy wipe-downs make this ideal for high-traffic communal spaces.

Potlucks & Buffets – Line buffet tables and fold out tables to catch spills at large gatherings. The generous size contains drips from serving utensils.

Catered Events – Professional caterers recommend using these plastic table covers at weddings, meetings, and special events to protect client’s tables.

Garage & Workshops – Provides an inexpensive, disposable surface barrier for garage workbenches, craft tables, and other utility spaces.

Camping & Picnics – Pack these lightweight plastic cloths for outdoor meals at the park, beach, or campsite. Easy to transport and clean.

Simple Set Up with Endless Uses

This clear table protector couldn’t be easier to use. Simply spread it out over your table like you would a regular cloth then fold the overhang edges under the table. The vinyl material is thin yet durable and hangs neatly.

For longer tables, multiple plastic tablecloths can be attached together. The versatile vinyl material can even be trimmed with scissors to make custom-fit sizes.

Use this transparent cover on its own for a sleek modern look. Or layer it over your favorite fabric tablecloth or vinyl printed table cover to add a protective barrier that won’t hide the pattern underneath.

Available in multiple sizes to fit all styles of tables, this is a tableware must-have for anyone who appreciates practical solutions. Keep a few on hand for spur of the moment get-togethers and parties where spills are bound to happen.


Dimensions: 54 x 84 inches

Material: PVC Vinyl Plastic

Thickness: .15mm

Care: Wipe clean with damp cloth. Do not bleach.

Packaging: Available in packs of 1 or 2 tablecloth protectors

Color: Crystal Clear

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Protect your surfaces in style with the Kesfey Clear Tablecloth Protector. This heavy-duty PVC vinyl cover keeps your tables pristine while letting your decor shine through. With unbeatable waterproofing and stain resistance, this might be the most useful 54 x 84 inch cloth you own!


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