KRAVE Gourmet Beef Jerky – Tender All Natural Steak Strips in Savory Sea Salt – 8.1 oz, 2 Pack



Satisfy your snacking cravings with the bold flavors of KRAVE gourmet jerky. This convenient two pack features 16 hearty strips of deliciously seasoned and tender steak jerky, making on-the-go protein snacks a breeze.

At just 60 calories per piece, this lean beef jerky offers a tasty and wholesome alternative to sugary, processed snacks. It packs a serious protein punch to help power you through busy days. Keep a bag in your purse, glove box, desk drawer, or pantry for a nutritious pick-me-up anytime.

Savory Sea Salt Flavor

This jerky features KRAVE’s popular sea salt flavor, seasoned with just the right amount of natural sea salt to create a clean, savory taste. The light saltiness perfectly complements the juicy beef flavor without overpowering it. Each tender piece delivers a mild sweetness followed by a delicate salt finish.

The sea salt flavoring allows the natural essence of quality beef to shine. It’s a crowd pleaser that satisfies jerky lovers of all tastes. Both seasoned snackers and jerky newbies will find this flavor totally craveable.

Tender and Mouthwatering

Unlike tough, dried out jerky strips, KRAVE jerky boasts an incredibly tender texture you can really sink your teeth into. The juicy, meaty chewiness closely resembles high quality steak. KRAVE jerky never disappoints with delicious, steak-like flavor and satisfaction in every bite.

Using only 100% lean cuts of premium beef flank steak, KRAVE jerky maintains plenty of natural moisture. Their special slicing method ensures the meat fibers stay aligned so each piece remains lusciously tender. The result is protein-packed jerky as soft and succulent as a prime steak.

Quality You Can Trust

KRAVE sources only the finest cuts of grass-fed, free-range beef to create their signature gourmet jerky. They use an old-world style drying and curing process that keeps the jerky exceptionally tender and flavorful. The meat never contains fillers, nitrates, MSG or added hormones or antibiotics.

It’s a healthier take on jerky, using wholesome ingredients to craft an artisanal snack you can feel good about eating. KRAVE jerky adheres to strict quality standards so the result is always safe, delicious jerky.

Slim, Portable Protein

Each piece of this KRAVE jerky contains 8 grams of protein for clean, satisfying snacking. The lean beef provides an excellent energy source to help power you through busy days without weighing you down. It makes an ideal midday snack for long days at the office, school, or hiking on the trail.

The lightweight bags are perfect for tucking into your purse, backpack, gym bag, or keeping handy at your desk. The resealable zip-top pouch ensures lasting freshness while keeping the pieces contained. Grab a piece whenever hunger strikes to energize your adventures.

No Refrigeration Needed

Thanks to the artisanal drying process, KRAVE jerky doesn’t require refrigeration to maintain freshness and flavor. The sealed bags prevent moisture from affecting the jerky. Feel free to keep this protein-packed snack in your pantry, car, bag and anywhere you need an on-the-go bite.

Bold Jerky Variety

In addition to this mouthwatering sea salt beef jerky, KRAVE offers an array of tantalizing gourmet flavors to please every palate:

– Black Cherry Barbecue Pork Jerky
– Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky
– Chili Lime Beef Jerky
– Honey Habanero Beef Jerky

They also offer turkey, venison, elk, and salmon jerky for lighter protein options. With KRAVE’s jerky variety, there’s a flavor for every taste and diet.

KRAVE – Elevating Snack Time

KRAVE is committed to creating jerky and meat snacks that offer a wholesome, gourmet alternative to junk food. They believe snacking should be a flavorful, satisfying experience. Using only premium cuts of meat and artisanal practices, KRAVE crafts the most tender, craveable jerky you’ll ever taste. With convenient packaging and bold global flavors, KRAVE makes noshing nutritious again.


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