Land O Lakes Sliced American Cheese Loaf (12 Pack)



Melt-in-Your-Mouth Taste

Craving that nostalgic, melty, creamy American cheese flavor? Look no further than Land O Lakes Sliced American Cheese Loaf. This deli-style processed cheese delivers the quintessential taste you know and love. Each pinch reveals a smooth, sliceable texture that easily blankets your favorite foods.

Twelve 8-Ounce Packs of Sliced Cheese

This bulk case includes 12 individually-wrapped 8-ounce loaves of sliced American cheese, providing 96 servings of top-quality Land O Lakes cheese. Keep your refrigerator stocked for making grilled cheeses, burgers, paninis, and any recipe calling for melted cheese.

Made with High-Quality Ingredients

You can trust Land O Lakes to produce American cheese with care. Every slice contains milk, whey protein concentrate, milkfat, sodium citrate, and salt. No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Just simple, real ingredients for the ideal melted cheese experience.

Always Smooth and Flexible

Thanks to its creamy, flexible texture, Land O Lakes American Sliced Cheese Loaf melts smoothly every time. The slices gracefully drape over sandwich bread, burger patties, and more without breaking. Even when cooled, the diced or shredded cheese retains a pleasing texture.

Consistent Value Bulk Buy

Shop hassle-free with this bulk case of 12 cheese loaves. The generous quantity helps you save trips to the grocery store, while the individually-wrapped packs prevent waste. Enjoy reliable American cheese flavor and quality with every order.

Tips for Enjoying Land O Lakes Sliced American Cheese

– Stack slices on bread or buns for grilled cheese, burgers, hot ham and cheese sandwiches, patty melts, and other toasty creations. The cheese melts quickly into the perfect gooey consistency.

– Use diced American cheese to add creamy texture to omelets, breakfast tacos, pizza, casseroles, soups, and more.

– Shred the cheese over appetizers like nachos, tater tots, and hot wings for instant melted coverage.

– Mix shredded American cheese into ground beef or turkey before forming burger patties and meatballs. The cheese provides moistness.

– Stir cubed American cheese into hot pasta like macaroni and cheese or spaghetti for an instant cheese sauce.

– Top baked potatoes, steamed broccoli, and cooked vegetables with shredded cheese that melts from the heat.

Quality Refrigerated Delivery

Land O Lakes Sliced American Cheese Loaf requires refrigerated delivery to maintain freshness and food safety. Each loaf is sealed in protective plastic film within its box. Please inspect your order immediately upon arrival and contact the seller with any issues. Refrigerate unused product.

As a trusted dairy producer, Land O Lakes provides high-quality American cheese you and your family will love. Order a case of these melty sliced cheese loaves today!


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