LZEXIN 8 Pack Microfiber Mop Pads – Washable Reusable Replacements for Bona Hard Floor Cleaner Refills



Keep Your Floors Sparkling Clean with LZEXIN Replacement Mop Pads for Bona Floor Cleaners

Tired of throwing away dirty mop pads and buying new ones again and again? Our washable and reusable LZEXIN mop pad replacements allow you to save money while keeping your floors spotless.

Designed to be compatible with Bona hard floor cleaner systems, these microfiber and cotton blend mop heads are ideal replacements that will attach to your existing Bona mop with Velcro straps. No need to purchase an entirely new mop system!

With 8 mop pads in each pack (4 microfiber, 4 cotton), you’ll have plenty of cleaning pads to swap out when one gets dirty. Just throw the used pad in the washing machine and it’s ready for its next use.

Superior Cleaning Power for All Hard Floors
Our mop pad refills use a patented PowerLoop technology that effectively removes dirt, debris, dust, and stains in even the most high traffic areas of your home.

The microfiber material is ultra plush to quickly grab and trap particles, while the cotton easily scrubs off tough dried-on messes. Together, they provide the cleaning strength you need to leave your floors pristine.

Gently Clean Delicate Surfaces
Don’t worry about scratching your beautiful hardwood or other smooth floors. Unlike some scrubby mop pads, our microfiber and cotton blend is soft enough for daily cleaning while being tough on dirt and grime.

The mop pads smoothly glide across your floors, trapping dust in the microfiber without leaving any swirl marks behind. Floors are left spotless with no damage.

Easy Maneuverability
At 18.1″ x 5.3″, our replacement mop pads are wide enough to cover area quickly so you can finish cleaning in half the time.

The low profile design allows the mop head to swivel under furniture and clean hard to reach areas that other mops can’t access.

Our mop pads have no bulky or rigid plastic components. This makes maneuvering easy around table legs, corners, and other tight spaces without disruption.

Get a Streak-Free Shine
Never have dull, dirty floors again! Attaching our mop pad refills to your Bona spray mop provides a complete floor cleaning system that leaves your surfaces sparkling.

The microfiber and cotton blend picks up dirt, while the Bona cleaning solution breaks up sticky messes. Together they provide a streak-free shine you can see yourself in!

Experience professional-level clean from the comfort of home. Our LZEXIN replacement mop pads keep floors clean and beautiful in between professional cleanings or as an affordable DIY alternative.

Durable and Designed to Last
Stop wasting money on flimsy mop pads that fall apart after a just few uses. Our microfiber and cotton blend mop heads are professionally constructed to hold up through many washes.

The tightly woven microfiber fabric is resistant to rips and fraying, while the 100% cotton absorbs liquid well and retains its scrubbing texture after machine washing.

Each mop pad refill can be washed up to 100 times before needing to be replaced – saving you money with every use!

Easy Care Between Uses
Keeping our mop pads clean is a cinch so they are ready to tackle your floors next time. Just remove the pad from the mop base and toss it in the washing machine. Air dry the mop pad or put it on a no heat tumble dry setting.

Thanks to the colorfast materials, the mop pads won’t bleed or fade over many washes. To disinfect, use hot water and add bleach or vinegar to kill germs if desired.

Versatile Use In Every Room
Our Bona mop pad replacements aren’t just for hardwood floors! The microfiber and cotton blend works great on:

– Tile
– Laminate
– Stone
– Vinyl
– Marble
– Concrete

Clean kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, or anywhere else that needs scrubbing. The mop pads are highly absorbent to sop up spills and messes in high traffic areas.

Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee
We stand behind our mop pad refills with a lifetime money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, simply let us know and we will make it right.

We want you to have a high quality mop pad that makes cleaning floors faster and easier. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Keep your hard floors spotless all year long with our LZEXIN mop pads – the perfect cleaning partners for your Bona mop. Don’t pay excessive prices for subpar disposable pads at the supermarket. Our washable and reusable mop heads are affordable, durable, and provide professional results.

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