Medihoney Gel Wound & Burn Dressing – Advanced 0.5 oz Medical Honey for Effective Wound Care



Harness the healing power of nature with Medihoney Gel Wound and Burn Dressing. This advanced 0.5 oz medical honey gel provides a potent blend of antimicrobial honey for effective wound management. The improved viscous formula adheres firmly to wounds for prolonged skin contact and better outcomes.

Medihoney gel contains medical-grade antibacterial honey produced specifically for clinical use. It offers a concentrated dose of active Leptospermum honey harvested from the manuka plant in New Zealand. This proprietary bioactive honey has a unique ability to kickstart the healing process for wounds, ulcers, burns and more.

The included gamma irradiation destroys any bacteria while preserving the natural enzymatic properties. The end result is medical honey free of pathogens, allergens and impurities to safely prevent infections and promote healing.

Superior Wound Care Benefits

This pharmaceutical-grade manuka honey gel has been rigorously tested and proven to:

– Fight infection – The enzymatic honey offers broad-spectrum antimicrobial action to prevent bacterial growth and biofilm formation. The anti-inflammatory effects help resolve infection and inflammation.

– Debride wounds – The medical honey gently lifts dirt and debris from the wound bed to encourage new tissue formation.

– Stimulate healing – It provides a protective moist environment while increasing blood flow and growth factors to accelerate healing. The rich supply of nutrients fuels tissue repair.

– Reduce odor & pain – Manuka honey minimizes unpleasant odors from chronic wounds. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help decrease pain.

– Prevent scarring – By supporting regeneration of healthy skin cells, it reduces the appearance of scars after recovery.

Improved Gel Formula

The new viscous gel formulation offers key advantages over regular Medihoney:

– Increased viscosity – The thicker honey consistency makes the gel extra adherent to vertical wounds and prevents run off.

– Stable texture – The gel remains evenly distributed on the wound up to 7 days without crystallizing.

– Occlusive barrier – It provides a protective moist barrier for optimal healing environment.

– Better absorption – The gel is readily absorbed by the wound bed to deliver enhanced therapeutic effects.

– Easy application – The smooth gel applies cleanly and easily to wounds of all shapes and sizes.

How to Use

Clean and debride wound

Apply a 2-3 mm layer of Medihoney gel to the affected area

Cover with a secondary dressing and wrap if needed

Change every 1-3 days depending on amount of exudate

Use until resolution of symptoms

Effective On Many Wound Types

The medical honey gel can be used on a wide variety of wounds:

– Burns & scald injuries
– Skin ulcers
– Surgical wounds
– Bed sores
– Diabetic foot ulcers
– Venous stasis ulcers
– Abrasions
– Skin infections
– Grafted skin

It’s also ideal for sensitive areas like the face and neck. The honey dressing helps minimize scarring from injuries for improved cosmetic outcomes.

Superior Skin Protection

The gently formulated honey gel maintains a protective environment optimal for healing:

– Moisturizes – Prevents dehydration and calms inflammation

– Non-toxic – Safe for use on even sensitive wound areas

– Non-irritating – Does not disturb fragile healing skin

– Non-allergenic – Generally well tolerated even by those with sensitivities

– Versatile – Can be used alone or with secondary dressing

Natural Healing In Every Dose

Harness the therapeutic substances that give medical honey its unique properties:

Glucose oxidase – produces hydrogen peroxide that clears infection

Flavonoids – provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits

Amino acids – encourage tissue growth and repair

Vitamins & minerals – deliver nutrients to enhance healing

pH level of 5.5 – creates hostile environment for bacteria

The synergy of these natural components stimulates healing from within.

Trusted By Healthcare Professionals

Medihoney meets the care requirements of hospitals and clinics. It is:

– Sterile – Gamma irradiated to guarantee safety

– Pure – Standardized bioactive Leptospermum honey

– Effective – Clinically proven to achieve wound closure

– Convenient – Ready to use gel requires no preparation

Doctors, nurses and caregivers trust Medihoney for advanced wound management. Experience the skin-healing difference yourself.

Instructions for Use

– Cleanse wound & debride if needed
– Apply 2-3 mm layer of gel
– Cover with suitable secondary dressing
– Change dressing every 1-3 days
– Use until wounds healed


How long does one tube last?

– A 0.5 oz tube will last approximately 7-10 days with daily application on a 5 cm x 5 cm wound. Larger wounds may require more.

How quickly does it work?

– Improvement is typically seen within 1-2 weeks. Complete healing depends on wound severity. Monitor regularly and discontinue if no improvement in 4 weeks.

Is it safe for diabetics?

– Yes, clinical studies have proven Medihoney gel safe and effective for diabetic foot ulcers and other chronic wounds. The honey helps heal wounds faster which reduces infection risk.

Does it sting when applied?

– Most patients report no stinging sensation. If slight stinging occurs, it usually subsides within a few minutes. If stinging persists, discontinue use.

What’s the shelf life?

– Sealed tubes have a 2 year shelf life from manufacture date. Write date opened on the tube and discard within 3 months.

Try the skin-healing power of medical grade manuka honey. This advanced wound care gel effectively aids recovery from damage and injuries. The improved formula adheres firmly to deliver enhanced therapeutic action.


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