MenoWell Menopause Energy and Protein Bars for Women – Double Chocolate Brownie – High Fiber and Protein – Low Calorie Snack Bars – Hormone Balance Support



Finding nutritious snacks to curb hunger and balance hormones during menopause can be a challenge. Introducing the new MenoWell Menopause Energy and Protein Bars, specially formulated to provide a burst of energy and keep you satisfied between meals.

These delicious protein-packed snack bars were created by women for women. The bars feature a trifecta of organic maca to help balance blood sugar and support hormones, probiotic fiber to keep you full, and 7-8 grams of plant-based protein to maintain muscle and boost metabolism. MCT oil from coconuts provides brain fuel, while dates add a touch of natural sweetness. Each bar also contains a blend of superfoods like flaxseed, spinach, and kale.

With just 150-160 calories and 0-1 gram of added sugar per bar, MenoWell is the perfect low calorie snack to help curb cravings. The bars are gluten-free and crafted from real, recognizable ingredients, with no artificial flavors or preservatives. Their great taste makes them easy to enjoy any time your energy levels need a lift.

MenoWell bars are ideal for:

– Curbing Sugar Cravings – Their balanced blend of protein, fiber and healthy fats helps stabilize blood sugar swings and tames sweet cravings. The hint of sweetness from dates gives you the taste you want without the sugar overload.

– Boosting Energy – Need a pick-me-up any time of day? The combo of MCT oil and protein provides sustained energy to power you through your to-do list.

– Controlling Hunger – Stay satisfied between meals thanks to 7-8 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and metabolism-revving ingredients.

– Supporting Hormone Balance – Organic maca root powder helps relieve hot flashes, night sweats, and other menopause symptoms.

– Maintaining Muscle – The right balance of protein, carbs, and fat aids muscle maintenance as estrogen levels decline.

– Snacking On the Go – No refrigeration needed. Toss a bar in your purse or desk drawer for a nutritious snack anytime.

– Intermittent Fasting – Have MenoWell as your first meal to reap the benefits of IF. The protein, fiber and healthy fat will hold you over.

– Post-Workout Recovery – Refuel tired muscles with a MenoWell bar after your workout. The protein helps rebuild muscle while carbs replenish glycogen stores.

– Low Calorie & Sugar Free – At just 150-160 calories and 0-1g added sugar, these bars keep your waistline in check.

– Gluten-Free – The bars are made without any gluten-containing grains.

– Soy-Free – Contains no soy or soy derivatives.

– Non-GMO – Only uses ingredients sourced from non-GMO crops.

– Dairy-Free – No milk products are used in these vegan bars.

– No Artificial Ingredients – Made with only real, recognizable whole food ingredients.

MenoWell Bars are proudly endorsed by doctors and nutritionists. They were specially formulated by women for women to provide support during the menopausal transition.

Flavors include:

Double Chocolate Brownie – A chocolate lover’s dream with a rich chocolate flavor and chewy brownie-like texture.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip – Creamy peanut butter meets mini chocolate chips for the perfect sweet and salty combo.

Lemon Poppy Seed – A refreshing lemon flavor paired with a crunch of poppy seeds.

Cranberry Almond – Tart cranberries and crunchy almonds create a bright, fruity blend.

Coconut Cashew – Shredded coconut and roasted cashews unite in this subtly sweet bar.

Try MenoWell Bars today and feel the difference real food makes in providing energy, curbing hunger, and supporting hormone balance during menopause. Just one tasty bar a day can help you stay strong, satisfied and comfortable during this transitional time.


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