Mexican Candy Fiesta Mix (50 Count) – The Ultimate Assortment of México’s Best Selling Candies



Escape to México with this fiesta candy mix sampler of the most popular Mexican treats. With 50 pieces, this bag lets you enjoy a variety of iconic candies from south of the border without the airfare. Share the spicy, sweet, and tangy flavors with family and friends for an authentic Mexican fiesta.

This 50 count bag includes a delicious assortment of México’s top candy brands and classic flavors. Sink your teeth into old-fashioned Mazapán de la Rosa peanut candy, chewy Pelon Pelo Rico tamarind pulp candies, sweet and salty Lucas Mango chili powder candy, and more. The mix features an array of textures from soft and chewy to hard candy crunches.

Candy Flavors

Discover Mexico’s unique candy flavors that will transport your tastebuds. The candies range from sweet and fruity to tangy and acidic with fun surprise fillings.

Fruity – Mango, tamarind, strawberry, guava, and lemon flavored candies like Lucas Mango, Pelon Pelo Rico, and Duvalin bring tropical fruit flavors.

Sweet – Creamy dulce de leche and milk candies along with vanilla and cocoa notes in Mazapán and Obleas de Cajeta offer sugary sweetness.

Spicy – Layers of mild chili powder heat in Pulparindo, Cucaracha, and more provide a kick.

Sour – Strong salty-sour citrus flavors in Sandia Picosa, Pica Limon, and other powdered chamoy candies tantalize the taste buds.

Chewy, Gummy & Hard Candies

The mix incorporates a variety of candy textures to keep your mouth entertained.

– Chewy candies like Rellerindos tamarind strips and Pulparindos sticky candies offer a smooth chew.

– Gummy candies including Duvalin and Lucas Pelon provide a bouncy, jelly-like texture.

– Hard candies like Mazapan peanut squares and lollipops give a satisfying crunch.

– Powdery varieties such as Sandia Picosa mango strips coated in chili and salt/lime powder dissolve quickly for a burst of tangy flavor.

– Obleas wafer candies with dulce de leche or cajeta caramel cream fillings provide a delicate, flaky melt-in-your-mouth experience.

High Quality & Freshness

This candy mix sampler features all name brand Mexican candies, so you can enjoy authentic flavors and quality. We source our candy from trusted México confectionery brands like Duvalin, Pelon, Mazapan, Pulparindo, and more.

The candies arrive super fresh. Our supply chain ensures the products are recently made and shipped direct to your door. Feel confident biting into soft, chewy candies, not hard or dried out ones.

Perfect For Sharing

A México candy party is the perfect way to share new flavors and sweet memories with others.

– Gift the sampler bag for birthdays, holidays, or as a unique foodie gift.

– Bring it to parties, piñatas, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, movie nights, etc.

– Let kids taste and learn about Mexican candy in a world geography or Spanish class party.

– Share exotic new flavors with family, roommates, coworkers, and friends for a fun bonding experience.

– Mix and match with other international candy assortments for a global candy tasting.

– Create goodie bags or candy bowls by adding a few of each candy to zip lock bags or decorative dishes.


Mazapán De La Rosa Peanut Candy Squares

Lucas Mango Chili Powder Candy

Pelon Pelo Rico Tamarind Candy

Tamarindo Candy

Pulparindo Sticky Fruit Candy

Cucaracha Chile-Lime Candy

Sandia Picosa Chili-Salt Candy

Dulces Vero Elote Corn Candy

Duvalin Ice Cream Wafer Rolls (various flavors)

Obleas De Cajeta Caramel Wafers

Pica Limon Chili-Lime Powder Candy

Rellerindos Tamarind Candy Strips

Vero Mango Candy

And more!

Don’t miss out on this one of a kind candy mix you won’t find in stores! It makes a thoughtful gift or take it to parties for everyone to enjoy a delicious taste of authentic México.


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