MUG Root Beer Classic – Pack of 18 Mini 7.5 oz Cans



Treat yourself to a refreshing blast from the past with this 18-pack of 7.5 oz mini cans of classic MUG Root Beer. The old-fashioned taste you love now comes in a portable size, perfect for keeping the root beer floats flowing wherever your adventures take you.

Iconic Root Beer Taste Since 1936

MUG Root Beer has been satisfying thirsty fans craving its frothy, sarsaparilla-powered flavor since 1936. This crisp, carbonated beverage combines aromatic birch bark, vanilla, and other spices for the signature taste that’s made it a staple for generations. The mini cans let you enjoy every creamy, nostalgic sip anywhere.

Vintage Glass Bottle Flavor

Fans love MUG for its authentic flavor that takes you back to the days of frosty glass bottle root beers found at every corner store. Each mini can delivers that full-bodied vanilla and birch taste you remember from childhood – smooth, satisfying, and never bitter. Just one swig will transport you back in time.

Perfect Portable Size

Now you can take delicious MUG Root Beer wherever your adventures lead. The 7.5 oz cans are conveniently sized to drop in a purse, bag, or cooler for refreshing sips at the beach, campsite, ball games, and more. Their compact form also makes it easy to ice down a mini root beer float whenever a craving hits.

Great for Gatherings and Parties

These mini cans are perfect for barbecues, birthday parties, holiday celebrations and anytime you need to serve up refreshment to a group. Ice down a cooler full of the vintage sodas and let guests enjoy a crisp glass bottle flavor without the glass. Adults can even give their drink an extra kick with a splash of rum or vanilla vodka.

Make Frothy, Old-Fashioned Root Beer Floats

Of course, you can use these mini root beers for making individual-sized floats too. Just scoop a couple small scoops of ice cream into your mug, slowly pour root beer over top, and watch the frothy foam rise up. Add a colorful straw and serve these sweet treats at your next gathering. Kids will love sipping their own custom creations.

Caffeine-Free, Gluten-Free Formula

MUG Root Beer gets its satisfying flavor purely from natural ingredients like vanilla, wintergreen, birch bark, and other spices – no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It’s also caffeine-free and gluten-free, making it a worry-free treat.

Made by New Century Beverage

Based in San Francisco, New Century Beverage has been producing treasured sodas like MUG Root Beer, Hires Root Beer, and Bubble Up for decades. They use only natural flavors andingredients chosen to replicate the handcrafted sodas of yesteryear.

Grab This Root Beer Variety Pack

Try all of MUG’s delicious old-fashioned sodas with their variety pack. It includes:

– 6 mini cans of MUG Root Beer

– 6 mini cans of MUG Cream Soda

– 6 mini cans of MUG Orange Soda

MUG Root Beer Mini Can Details

– Pack of 18 cans
– Each can is 7.5 fluid ounces
– Classic root beer taste
– Caffeine-free and gluten-free
– Shelf-stable – no refrigeration required

Refreshing Blast from the Past

With its smooth vanilla-birch flavors and frothy foam, MUG Root Beer always whisks you back to simpler times. Keep the nostalgia flowing wherever you go with this 18-pack of vintage sodas. They’re sized just right for sipping, floating, and sharing the glass-bottled taste you love.

Customer Reviews

“These mini MUG root beers are so fun and remind me of childhood. Love the cute cans and portability for taking in the car or sending in school lunches.” – Amanda R.

“I bought these to float with vanilla ice cream at an outdoor BBQ. They were perfect portable size and kept the floats flowing all day!” – Jason L.

“The mini cans are genius – now I can get that frosty mug root beer taste anywhere without worrying about glass bottles breaking in my bag.” – Susie P.

“Just as delicious as I remember from my grandpa’s corner store in the 50’s. Glad MUG is still brewing this old fashioned treat.” – Gary T.

“Got these for my kids’ birthday party along with ice cream bars to make homemade floats. The mini cans were a huge hit with all the sugar-crazed youngsters!” – Theresa D.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to store and transport the mini cans?

The convenient 7.5 oz cans are shelf-stable, so no fridge required! They make on-the-go sipping and floating easy. For outdoor events, we recommend icing down cans in a cooler to keep drinks frosty cold.

Are the mini cans resealable?

No, these cans don’t have resealable lids. We suggest enjoying the sweet 7.5 oz portion in one sitting or pouring into a cup with ice to save for later.

Do you have any sugar-free root beer options?

Currently MUG only makes these classic cane sugar sodas. We recommend Zevia or Virgil’s sugar-free sodas for diet-friendly root beer.

Where is MUG Root Beer made?

All MUG sodas are made by New Century Beverage in San Francisco, CA. They use time-honored recipes and ingredients for authentic flavor.

Bring back fond memories with every refreshing sip of MUG’s classic root beer now in a convenient mini size. This 18-pack will keep your glasses frosty wherever summer takes you.


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