Nathan’s Famous Sweet & Spicy Horseradish Dill Pickles – 16oz Jar 2 Pack



Add Some Spice to Your Snacks with Nathan’s Famous Sweet & Spicy Horseradish Dill Pickles! This 2 pack of 16oz jars contains crunchy dill pickle chips packed with a perfect balance of sweet brine and horseradish spice.

These pickle slices will quickly become your new favorite snack! The addition of horseradish gives these traditional dill pickles an extra kick of flavor without being too overpowering. Each satisfyingly crunchy chip provides the iconic sour dill taste you love, complemented by a tangy horseradish kick that lingers on your tongue.

A Unique Blend of Sweet & Spicy

Nathan’s horseradish dill pickles start with their signature blend of spices and herbs in a sweet brine. Crisp, fresh cucumbers are carefully sliced into chips that absorb all the flavors of the brine as they cure. The final touch of ground horseradish adds a robust, sinus-clearing spiciness that perfectly complements the sweet and sour pickle taste.

These aren’t just plain dill pickles – the addition of horseradish gives these chips a flavor you won’t find in regular pickle spears. The sweet brine provides a nice contrast to the horseradish spice, making these pickle chips incredibly addicting! The heat builds gradually, letting you fully enjoy the flavors.

Crunchy, Addicting Pickle Chips

Each jar is packed with pickle chips that provide a satisfying SNAP when you bite into them. The thin slicing exposes more surface area to the brine, helping the chips fully absorb the sweet and spicy flavors. Every chip is perfectly crisp and crunchy.

These spicy pickle slices have a higher moisture content than other pickled vegetables. The sweet brine plumps the cucumber slices, giving them an irresistibly juicy crunch. Every jar is packed with fresh pickle chips free of any mushiness. Crunching on these salty, tangy chips is truly addicting!

Convenient & Versatile

These pickle jars are ideal for keeping stocked in your refrigerator. Enjoy them daily as a nutritious low-calorie snack, or take them along for road trips and sporting events. The mess-free jars make it easy to pack some crunchy pickle chips wherever you go.

In addition to snacking, these sweet and spicy chips are extremely versatile for recipes. Slice them up for your favorite tuna or chicken salad, add their tangy crunch to sandwiches, or garnish blooming onions and other appetizers. Delight your guests at summer barbecues by serving these unique pickle chips alongside classic burgers and hot dogs.

The convenient two pack gives you plenty of pickle slices to enjoy. It’s great for households who go through pickles quickly. Alternatively, seal and store one jar to ensure you always have these sweet, spicy pickle chips on hand when a craving strikes!

Quality You Can Trust

Nathan’s Famous has been making some of the highest quality American hot dogs and other foods since 1916. For over a century, they have crafted their signature flavors using time-honored techniques that emphasize freshness and great taste.

These gourmet horseradish dill pickles uphold the exceptional Nathan’s standard. Only select, firm cucumbers are used to ensure each chip has a pleasing crunch. Their proprietary blend of spices in the sweet brine gives these pickle slices incredible old-fashioned flavor. Ground horseradish root adds just the right amount of heat.

Treat your taste buds to the Nathan’s difference today! This 2 pack of Sweet & Spicy Horseradish Dill Pickles makes a great gift for all the pickle lovers in your life.


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